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The Voice of Authority

By |2019-02-20T16:13:17-05:00February 20th, 2019|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 “Chloe” director Egoyan
5 Bash for just men
9 Nevada neighbor
13 Sappho’s B
14 Texas town, with “El”
15 Distinctive Streisand feature
16 “DWTS” cohost Andrews
17 Airline to Ben Gurion
18 2001 biopic about Murdoch
19 Start of a quote by 47-Across
22 Ford contemporary
23 Where they rub you the right way
24 The whole shebang
27 Show some restraint?
31 Dance with grass over the bush
32 Menial worker
33 City in central Israel
34 End of the quote
38 Hot temper
39 The bottom line
40 “Bus Stop” playwright
41 New edition of “Maurice,” e.g.
43 Trojan, but not a condom
45 Dusk, to Dickinson
46 Shake it
47 Bisexual character on “Riverdale”
53 It might poke you in prison
54 Brought forth fruit
55 Island of Barrie’s land
56 In the pink
57 Big name in oil
58 Acne, in slang
59 Queen’s “subjects”
60 Targets of a masher?
61 Boy with a bow

1 His brother laid him in his grave
2 Polo of “The Fosters”
3 Porter’s regretful miss
4 WNBA defense, ironically
5 Goes on a shopping spree, e.g.
6 Anklebone
7 Lickety-split
8 Patty Sheehan stepped in it
9 Early commercial computer
10 Zipped
11 Hoffman play about AIDS
12 Cocks and bulls
20 “Xanadu” band, for short
21 Classic toothpaste brand
24 Position in Bernstein’s orchestra
25 Very queer
26 What hibernating bears do
27 Back-to-school mo.
28 “De-Lovely” star Kevin
29 Vowel sound in “gay”
30 Rims
32 Furtive “Over here!”
35 More like slick winter roads
36 Cher’s ex as a kid?
37 Bigger than queen
42 TV Superman George
43 Where bowlers roll their balls
44 Fair-hiring letters
46 Genesis patriarch
47 Conceptual artist Gaye
48 To the ___ (how to play a pirate)
49 Cross-dresser in a Kinks song
50 Dusk in Dijon
51 “I’m ___ your tricks!”
52 Kind of marketing
53 Singing syllable



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