Too harsh on Cheney

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Dear BTL,
Wow, I really hate the current administration myself but even I think your Mary Cheney Creep of the Week is a bit harsh. Dick Cheney is the devil incarnate but he’s her dad, he’s family. How do you just turn your back on that? Yes, she has led a privileged life and no, she is not an everyday person. I don’t understand how that is her fault. How do you blame someone for the family they were born into? And no, she doesn’t do anything for the LGBT movement but that is not her responsibility. Have you thought about how hard it is for her to be a part of that family? She has probably lost more relationships as a result of her last name than you or I put together. She’s kept quiet out of respect for her father and for her family even if she didn’t agree with their politics and now she wants a voice. I personally think you should listen to what she has to say. Her path doesn’t have to be your path and you have no right to judge her struggles just as she would have no right to judge yours.
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