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Between The Lines has compiled a list of LGBT-relevant workshops for those who are interested in attending the U.S. Social Forum, taking place June 22-26 in Detroit. For complete workshop listings, visit http://www.ussf2010.org.

Wednesday, June 23

Queer Injustice: The ciminalization of LGBT People in the United States, 10 a.m. Workshop No. 78, hosted by Queer (In)Justice. Cobo Hall, room DO-07A
From March to Movement: The Fight for LGBTQI Liberation, 10 a.m. Workshop No. 127, hosted by Equality Across America. Cobo Hall, room M3-31
Standing on the Side of Love: Faith in Action, 10 a.m. Workshop No. 131, hosted by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Detroit. Cobo Hall, room M2-30
Integrating LGBT Equality into Social, Racial & Socio-Economic Justice, 10 a.m. Workshop No. 141, hosted by the Arcus Foundation. Cobo Hall, room 02-41
How We Can Stop the Religious Right, 10 a.m. Workshop No. 151, hosted by the Gay Liberation Network. WSU-C, room 224
Queer People’s Movement Assembly, 1 p.m. Workshop No. 357, hosted by the Astrea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. Cobo Hall, room W2-67

Thursday, June 24

Human Rights = Transgender Justice: The Yogyakarta Principles and Other Potential Tools in Advance Trans Human Rights, 10 a.m. Workshop No. 471, hosted by the Transgender, Gender-Variant and Intersex Justice Project. Cobo Hall, room D3-17
Building LGBTQ/Labor Solidarity, 10 a.m. Workshop No. 477, hosted by Pride At Work. WSU-O, room 103
Creating Diverse Queer Spaces, 10 a.m. Workshop No. 486, hosted by MondoHomo Queer Arts Fest. Cobo Hall, DO-02B
AIDS isn’t over: Solidarity in the fight for justice for people with AIDS worldwide, 10 a.m. Workshop No. 490, hosted by Health GAP. WA, room 1472
Radical Queer Festivals, 1 p.m. Workshop No. 573, hosted by MondoHomo Queer Arts Fest. UAW, Lincoln room
HIV/AIDS & Social Justice, 1 p.m. Workshop No. 683, hosted by the NYC AIDS Housing Network. Cobo Hall, room W2-61
Blogging for Non-Violent Social Change, 3:30 p.m. Workshop No. 639, hosted by Peacework. WA, room 1475
Amazing Grace: AIDS and the Opporession of Girls, 3:30 p.m. Workshop No. 643, hosted by Change Rocks Foundation. Cobo Hall, room 02-38

Friday, June 25

Building a Progressive Multi-issue LGBTQ Movement, 10 a.m. Workshop No. 824, hosted by Allyship. WSU-P, room I5
Uniting Communities: LGBTQ Equality in Communities of Color, 1 p.m. Workshop No. 1031, hosted by Western States Center. Cobo Hall, 02-43
Young Queer/LGBTQ Women and Sexual Health – we’re our own experts!, 1 p.m. Workshop No. 1036, hosted by Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity & Reproductive Rights. Cobo Hall, room 02-35
Examining Intersectionality and Discrimination of LGBT People of Color, 3:30 p.m. Workshop No. 971, hosted by Lambda Legal. WC3, room 142
Social Media for Social Change, 3:30 p.m. Workshop No. 976, hosted by Peace Justice and Environment Project. WSU-S, room 283
From Diversity to Inclusion: How Diverse COmmunities Challenge Systems of Exclusion, 3:30 p.m. Workshop No. 978, hosted by the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion. WSU-O, room 0134
The Strength of Our Movement Will Be in Our Unity: A discussion about LGBTQQI, 3:30 p.m. Workshop No.990, hosted by Affirmative Acts Life Coaching. WSU-O, room 1107
Armistad Church: An internationally Anti-racist, LGBT-friendly, Progressive Church Movement, 3:30 p.m. Workshop No. 991, hosted by Armistad Community UCC. WA, room 1476

Note: The June 24 workshop LGBTQI Liberation in the Middle East has been postponed after it was brought to attention of the National Planning Committee of the U.S. Social Form that the group hosting the workshop was not in line with USSF ideals.
Letters and e-mails sent to USSF organizers revelead that Stand With Us, while purporting to represent LGBTQI communities in the Middle East, is actually an organization working for Israeli apartheid. “Their presenter has claimed to speak for the “queer Middle East” when in reality he speaks only for Israel,” wrote USSF organizers in response to complaints. “When asked to include other voices of queers from the region, he has refused.”
The National Planning Committee has said that it is working to find a solution to the Stand With Us workshop that is “principled, just and accountable.”

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