Where are the Dems at?

Dear BTL,
Where's my party leadership?
I have always been there for my Democratic Party, I haven't always been especially active, but I vote most of the time, and encourage others to vote. I try to stay abreast of what's going on politically, and inform others. But when I was in my 20's I was rebellious and not especially interested in the well-being of "everyone else."
Now in my 30's, looking at this Republican administration, I'm down right sickened. I am ready to act, help out, whatever it takes. I e-mailed the Democratic Party, no response. I tried to find a local chapter, for naught. I write to my congress-persons and Senetors asking them to enlist me. Nothing. I e-mailed again to the party, silence again.
What do we have to do? Beg them to please let me help? Isn't the Democratic Party looking for people to be active, don't they want to unseat the Republicans? I'm looking for a way to help.
Maybe a swift elbow to the ribs?

Kevin Collins,

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