You Can’t Beat Margaret’s Tale

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1 Comes and goes wherever
5 Like the Alps through which the von Trapps escaped
10 Visit Barneys, e.g.
14 Nuts
15 Punch bowl item
16 Drink from the land of the samurai
17 Hanna-Barbera bear
18 Like “Tales of the City”
19 Singer Woody’s son
20 Start of a quote from “The Handmaid’s Tale”
23 Advice columnist Savage
24 Take ___ on balls (walk)
25 Part of a rusty nail
27 “The Advocate,” to detractors
28 Takes into custody
32 “The Handmaid’s Tale” author Margaret
34 Lover with a long appendage
36 Goes too far with rough play
37 Baltic Sea tributary
40 More of the quote
42 Scott of “Beautiful Thing”
43 Works the shaft
45 Stirring up
47 More of the quote
49 U-shaped instrument
50 “Till There ___ You”
53 Symbol of discipline
55 Out partner
57 JFK info
58 End of the quote
62 Pride member
64 “Rose is a rose is a rose,” e.g.
65, e.g.
66 Trouble spots for teens
67 “All ___ is a room somewhere…”
68 Sooner city
69 Where to stick your tool
70 St. ___ fire
71 Personal-ad stats

1 Tavern with “eagle” in the name, often
2 One that reproduces without sex or adoption
3 Collar attachment
4 Some gay humor on “SNL,” e.g.
5 Arc on Bernstein’s music score
6 Shoot off a flare, e.g.
7 “___ much obliged”
8 People from Navratilova’s country
9 Nero’s tutor
10 Fed. retirement agency
11 Like some gay porn
12 “I Cain’t Say No” musical
13 Worker at the bottom
21 Start of a rhyme about a tiger
22 Kind of IRA
26 Sound from guitarist Townshend
29 Prepare to shoot off
30 Jethrene Bodine portrayer Max
31 One who comes slowly
33 Data transmission letters
34 El Greco’s homeland
35 “If I ___ Had a Brain”
37 Fed. fiscal agency
38 Marlene of “Witness for the Prosecution”
39 Crown as queen
41 Mister
44 One in bondage
46 Kind of beer
48 Bert, to Ernie
50 Romeo’s initial activity with Juliet
51 “___ Em! Uncle Henry!”
52 They’re well-hung beneath jockeys
54 Talk like a Tennessee Williams character
56 Choice for Paul Revere
57 “Uh-oh!” to Shelley
59 A doctor makes you strip for it
60 Chianti, e.g.
61 Vital team
63 Composer Rorem



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