Jan Stevenson

Jan Stevenson is the former co-publisher of Between The Lines (1995 to 2020). She served as the first president of the board of Affirmations Community Center (1988 to 1992), and as the group’s first executive director (1992-1995).

From Front Page News To Respected Charity

Alan Gilmour Twenty years ago, the HOPE Fund started as a financial challenge to the LGBT community of Detroit. But over the past two decades it has evolved into so much more: an important funder of LGBT programs and services, an invaluable partner [...]

A Prodigy Returns

Photo: JTMcMillin Tchaikovsky & Friends 8 p.m. Nov. 15 Michigan Theater 603 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor Anton Nel, the internationally acclaimed piano virtuoso and former head of the piano department at the University of [...]

To Vote Or Not To Vote. What's The Question?

In Michigan, 976,000 people did not vote in 2010 who had voted in 2008. That's like almost a million for all you math whizzes! Just because it wasn't a presidential election and Obama wasn't on the ballot, Michigan voters stayed home, did their [...]

Ally vs. Extremist: McKenzie Seeks 11th District Win

"I lived in some parts of the world where people donat have equality at all – not just based on sexual orientation, but based on gender and world views and all kinds of things." Bobby McKenzie, 39, a new face on Michigan's political stage, would be [...]

A Solid LGBT Ally In Peters

Use this voter guide link to learn all BTL endorsements for Nov. 4 FARMINGTON HILLS – U.S. Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI 14) is ahead in most polls to win the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Sen. Carl Levin, a [...]

Brown Blasts Snyder On Marriage Ban

A record number of candidates spoke to those gathered at the LGBT Caucus at the Michigan Democratic Convention on Aug. 23 in Lansing. Oakland County Clerk and candidate for Lt. Governor Lisa Brown addressed the gathering asking for help in getting [...]

Schauer Says LGBTs Valued, Needed In His Administration

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and running mate Lisa Brown sat down with BTL publishers Jan Stevenson and Susan Horowitz prior to the Michigan Democratic Convention for a wide-ranging conversation about their campaign, what a [...]

LGBT Presence Strong At MI Democratic Dinner

Nancy Katz, right, received the Neil Staebler Award, one of the four prestigious awards presented at the annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner. DETROIT – The energy and enthusiasm to win elections this fall was palpable at the sold-out Jefferson Jackson [...]

Remembering Linda Lee: An Ally For Life

We've lost a champion. Long before others were willing to stand up for LGBT people, Linda Lee was there – out and proud – as an ally for LGBT issues and people living with HIV/AIDS. Linda died March 31, just five weeks after being diagnosed with [...]

Hoadley To Seek LGBT Support At May 3 Detroit Fundraiser

DETROIT – Jon Hoadley is one of the most effective LGBT activists in Michigan. Now he is running for a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives, and he will be asking for the financial support of LGBT people at a May 3 fundraiser in [...]

Prominent Detroit Minister 'Comes Out' As Ally

Rev. Michael C.R. Nabors talked with Rev. Darlene Franklin at the First Calvary Baptist Church in Detroit where Nabors has served as senior pastor for 16 years. Nabors reached out to Franklin, his former seminary student, to express his outrage and [...]

Traditional Marriage' Not The Black Family Reality

DETROIT – Throughout American history the black family has endured and evolved under pressures of slavery, discrimination, poverty and social unrest. Two black pastors discussed black family structures and why the argument against marriage equality [...]