Jason A. Michael

Jason A. Michael

Jason A. Michael is a senior staff writer for Between The Lines and Pride Source Media Group. He has been writing for BTL since 1999. Jason is also an Essence bestselling author. He may be reached at [email protected].

As Megan Rapinoe Announces Her Retirement, 7 Other LGBTQ+ Athletes Who Have Changed the Game

As women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe gets set to retire from Seattle’s OL Reign, Pride Source is taking a look back at some other LGBTQ+ athletes who have drawn attention (for better or worse, in some cases) to their respective [...]

Living My Life Like It’s Golden (Girls)

I saw a t-shirt recently that read, “I don’t know how to act my age. I’ve never been this old before.” Just past 50, the slogan hit home. It was funny, but accurate. How the hell did I get this old, and how am I supposed to [...]

The Supreme Court Ruled in Favor of Anti-LGBTQ+ Website Creator. What Does It Mean for Michigan?

In a very sad ending to Pride Month, the Supreme Court ruled Friday, June 30 in favor of a Colorado web designer who, citing religious objections, refuses to design websites for same-sex weddings. This decision marks, according to the ACLU, the first [...]

How Grand Rapids Pride Center’s Executive Director Has Led the Organization Out of Pandemic Hardships

Jazz McKinney, executive director of the Grand Rapids Pride Center (GRPC), is leading the non-profit organization into a new era — one focused on a renewed spirit of equity and community engagement for all.A native of Detroit, McKinney [...]

Corktown Health to Expand Care, Open First Queer-Affirming Non-Profit Dental Clinic in Michigan

Corktown Health, Michigan’s first medical home for the queer community, just announced a new initiative — the Driving Health Equity Campaign — to raise $8 million to expand care, including opening a second clinic in Hazel Park. The [...]

How I Became a Full Time Homo

The year was 1999 and the month was June. Some 24 years ago. I was just days into my new job as a staff writer with Between The Lines when I ended up on the phone with Jeffrey Montgomery. I was green and not with envy. Rather, it was with raw, [...]

Me and the Maui Wowie

My first introduction to marijuana came when I was a tender and precocious 8-year-old. No, dear readers, I wasn’t going around puffing on fatties in my pre-pubescent years. I did, however, go see the hilarious hit film “9 to 5” [...]

Hamtramck City Council Bans Pride Flags 

The Hamtramck City Council voted unanimously June 13 to ban Pride flags from flying on city property, citing the need to protect the religious freedoms of its residents. The city, which is about 50 percent Muslim according to the Detroit Free Press, [...]

Two Michigan LGBTQ+ Trailblazers Recognized as Game Changers by Tigers, Red Wings and Comerica Bank

Rachel Crandall Crocker, founder and executive director of Transgender Michigan, was recognized earlier this week as a Game Changer by the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Red Wings and Comerica Bank. Crandall-Crocker was honored along with A. Nzere [...]

Meet MiGen’s Newest Community Navigators

MiGen, Michigan’s LGBTQ+ elders’ network, is looking to expand upon the work they previously did as SAGE Metro Detroit. MiGen provides services, advocacy, fun and opportunities to connect for LGBTQ+ folks ages 45 and over. To help with [...]

As Motor City Pride Turns 20, Remembering Pride Fest

OK, so the title is slightly misleading. Pride in Metro Detroit goes back farther than 20 years. It’s more like 34. But, if you’ll kindly continue reading, I’ll give you a brief history lesson and explain how it is that Motor City [...]