Jason A. Michael

Jason A. Michael

Jason A. Michael is a senior staff writer for Between The Lines and Pride Source Media Group. He has been writing for BTL since 1999. Jason is also an Essence bestselling author. He may be reached at [email protected].

Queer Erotic Art Show at Affirmations Showcases Senior Talent

A new art exhibit at Affirmations, Ferndale’s LGBTQ+ community center, has a unique focus: erotic art created by senior artists. Four artists from Affirmations’ Senior Koffee Klatch will present their work as part of the 4×4: [...]

Michigan AG Dana Nessel Speaks Out Against Anti-Trans Laws in Kentucky, Tennessee

Dana Nessel, Michigan’s brave, bold and ultra out attorney general, recently joined Attorneys General from 20 other states to oppose the horrific anti-trans laws recently passed in Kentucky and Tennessee. The specific laws, [...]

How Gay Is Cedar Point?

Cedar Point. "America's Roller Coast." I've been making the two-hour trek down to Sandusky, Ohio to go to the beloved amusement park since I was a wee lad. I feel practically ancient, dear readers, when I confess that when I first started going, the [...]

Date Officially Set for Season 3 of Detroit's Own "Bargain Block" on HGTV

A beloved Detroit duo are returning to HGTV in mere weeks!Keith Bynum, star of the network's "Bargain Block," announced today via Instagram that the popular show will be returning for Season 3 on Aug. 23. "Bargain Block," which films in Detroit, [...]

How Sinead O'Connor Embraced the Queer Community and Her Own Flexible Sexuality

Tributes to the controversial and brazen Irish singer Sinead O'Connor have been pouring in since the musician was found dead in her London home on July 26. O'Connor's biggest contribution to the music industry is surely her barebones, pure-voiced [...]

Date Officially Set for Season 3 of Detroit’s Own ‘Bargain Block’ on HGTV

A beloved Detroit duo are returning to HGTV in mere weeks!Keith Bynum, star of the network’s “Bargain Block,” announced today via Instagram that the popular show will be returning for Season 3 on Aug. 23. “Bargain [...]

Trans Woman Kelly Stoug's Murder Trial Finally Begins, Ends Almost Immediately When Killer Takes Plea

Kelly Stough was 36 when she was shot to death by a so-called minister, Albert Weathers, 46, of Sterling Heights. The heinous crime was committed in the early morning hours of Dec. 7, 2018. Now, over four and a half years later, Weathers has accepted [...]

Char Davenport, Dead at 67, Remembered as Trans Activist Who Took on College After Being Fired

Char Davenport, who died July 17 at 67, leaves behind a legacy centered on authenticity, perseverance and the critical importance of self-advocacy.As a child, Davenport did not want to play baseball. Her father, however, insisted that she must play [...]

Three Months After He Was Tragically Found Dead in Detroit, the Question Remains: Who Killed Dr. Devon Hoover?

It’s been just over three months since Dr. Devon Hoover was found slain in his historic $1.2 million Boston Edison District mansion and no arrests have been made. Few details have been released, and frustrated friends and family are seeking [...]

Trans Man in Wheelchair Shot Five Times with Pellet Gun in Pontiac

Andrew Blake-Newton, a trans man, was assaulted and called anti-queer slurs just after midnight on Saturday, July 15 as he made a trip to pick up a few groceries from the gas station two blocks from his home in Pontiac. Blake-Newton, who has multiple [...]

Hamtramck City Council Removes Two Commission Members for Flying Pride Flag

Hamtramck, that hotbed of homophobia, is back in the news again.The city council, which consists only of six Muslim men, recently removed two members of the city’s Human Relations Commission for flying a Pride flag on city property.Pride Source [...]

Miss Gay Michigan America Pageant Promises Grand Glam

The Miss Gay Michigan America pageant is returning to the state after a 30-year absence. Though the pageant system is 50 years old this year, there’s been no Michigan qualifying competition for the last three decades. Producers and pageant [...]