Jason A. Michael

Jason A. Michael

Jason A. Michael is a senior staff writer for Between The Lines and Pride Source Media Group. He has been writing for BTL since 1999. Jason is also an Essence bestselling author. He may be reached at [email protected].

How This Community-Minded Detroiter Is Looking Out for Their Neighbors, Queer and Non-Queer Alike

Ash Rose’s wide-ranging work — from promoting equitable development to helping to launch They Beach, a queer beach group — has at least one thing in common: putting Detroit and queer community first. Over in the close-knit [...]

All I Want for Christmas Is Cher

It was 1977. I was all of 5. And all I wanted for Christmas was Cher. Well, more specifically, a Cher doll. I’d asked Santa. I’d asked my mom. Yet somehow on Christmas morning, there was no 12-inch Cher doll by Mego in her swooping salmon [...]

This Michigan Trans Advocate Gives Away Holiday Care Packages to Trans Community Members

Grayson Papp has a heart for giving. That’s why he created the nonprofit Grayson’s Movement back in 2016, with the goal of sending care packages to trans people every December. Last year he sent out 150 packages. This year the goal is [...]

Ferndale Pride Awards Grants to Local LGBTQ+ Advocacy Groups

Ferndale Pride Executive Director Julia Music and Ferndale Community Foundation Chair Dan Martin distributed $24,500 in grant funding at Monday’s city council meeting. The funds, made possible by the success of this year’s Ferndale Pride, [...]

Where Have All the AIDS Walks Gone?

AIDS walks used to be a pivotal part of the fall community calendar, and now they’re virtually no more. Once upon a time, they were everywhere in Michigan — some nine across the state with two separate walks representing Detroit. They [...]

The Global Destinations That Inspire 'Bargain Block' Couple Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas

How the French countryside to the beaches of L.A. influence Detroit starter-home renos.

Mural With Queer Themes Ordered to Be Removed From Michigan Middle School

After nearly a year of back and forth, the Grant School Board voted Sept. 11 to remove a controversial mural that opponents say features queer themes and witchcraft from Grant Middle School north of Grand Rapids. The mural was created by a high [...]

Michigan Trailblazer Kathy Kozachenko, First Out Elected Official in U.S., to Be Honored with Statue in Ann Arbor

Statue to be unveiled during the city’s bicentennial celebration in 2024.

Anti-Pornography U.S. Rep Gives Live Sex Performance at Children's Theater Show

When the literal news is more pornographic than the books Moms for Liberty wants to ban

Jenny Jones, Murder and Tabloid TV

"Lots of gay boys have crushes on straight boys. It’s happened to us all. But Amedure took it a step further."

Remember When Joe Jonas Accidentally Visited a Gay Club? Pride Source Remembers

It’s time to focus on a more lighthearted Joe Jonas moment.

Pink Delivers Harsh Clapback to Online Troll — But Was Her Response Transphobic?

Some in the queer community have taken offense to the LGBTQ+ ally's clapback.