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MWMF: 40 Year Journey Of Transformation And Inspiration On 'The Land'

I'm always surprised by the reactions of people when I tell them I have been (more than once) to the Michigan Women's Music Festival. Most often the response is either, "You went?" "You camped?" or, after thinking about me/my life while shaking [...]

Disconnecting In Order To Reconnect To What Matters

We have become so connected by text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest, that sometimes we, myself included, forget about personal contacts. I've followed relationships; seen them begin, flourish, sometimes fall apart, then rekindle – [...]

Black And Gay: My History, My Truth

History by definition is the branch of knowledge dealing with past events. Dig a little deeper and many dictionaries expand the definition to include the "continuous, systematic narrative of past events as relating to a particular people, country, [...]

The Movement, Martin And Marriage

Movement is about change. Sometimes the causes change, the tactics change — even the leadership changes — but the constant in all of our movements is our quest to become more human: to change our communities and our societies to treat all of [...]

A Remembrance: Robert Clark

I couldn't tell you the exact moment I met Robert Clark, but the bond was immediate. We were drawn together by our shared commitment to LGBTQ equality in general, but especially for the African American community and politics. He was a friend, [...]

Our Time for Action: Countdown to November Vote

The one, and probably only, gubernatorial debate is over. The campaign ads are increasing as the days to the November 2014 midterm elections dwindle down. Pundits say the number of votes that will determine the leadership (and I use the term [...]

The Yin Yang Of PRIDE: Much Is Given, Much Required

Hard to believe June is over, we're halfway through July and I have just one PRIDE – Hotter Than July – left to attend. We've raised our rainbow flags across the country, marched and partied like there's no tomorrow – no tomorrow when we go back to [...]

Stopping The Violence: Changing The World For Our Girls And Women

On Sunday May 4, we will gather in Palmer Park in Detroit for a Candlelight Vigil Against Violence on Women in the LGBTQ Community. This vigil will also honor the lives of Britney Crosby and Crystal Jackson who were murdered in Texas on March 6. [...]

LGBT Activist Seeks Help As Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill Becomes Law

A 2011 vigil in NYC – one of many held worldwide – after Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato was murdered. Violence has escalated in many African countries. Thirty eight of them criminalize homosexuality. Last week Ugandan Frank Mughisa visited Detroit [...]

CC14: Changing How We Look, Live And Define Our Lives

I love Creating Change! It's like getting beamed up to a "Gay World" where you are surrounded by OUR community – all sizes, shapes, hair styles, demographics. OUR community where no one raises an eyebrow if you hold your partner's hand or plant a [...]

2014: A Year for Resolve Not Resolutions

I don't believe in New Years' resolutions. They seem to be empty promises destined to be broken. We break the promises we make to ourselves. Others break promises they make to themselves and others. Then twelve months later we do it all over again, [...]

My Message From Madiba

Viewpoint When I heard of Nelson Mandela's death, my thoughts went back to that day - June 28, 1990 - when I hurried up Michigan Avenue towards Tiger Stadium to catch a glimpse of this man who has come to mean so much to the world. I knew about [...]