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Come on Sarah, any old vjayjay won't do

Viewpoint Like a bad soap opera, the republican choice for vice-president is full of irony, pathos and a plot that not only is predictable but gives voters – women especially – reason for thoughtful concern. I am a woman – first and foremost. Being [...]

Is It or Isn't It: That is the question

Is it or isn't in the best interest of the LGBT community: that is the question. Whether it is nobler to think of the long-term implications on our community, the struggle for full equality for all Americans, and move cautiously, or to accept the [...]

From Here to November: Moving on, Moving Forward

This entire electoral primary season I have been stuck in a quagmire – torn not just between political candidates but between my two identities as an African-American woman while being mindful of the position each candidate has had on issues [...]

Dream for our children faces crisis of character

Forty years after his death, Martin Luther King's dream that his/our children would one day live in a nation "where they would not be judged on the color of their skin but by the content of their character," seems closer to being attained than ever [...]

Race, satan and the status quo - It's time for a change

Viewpoint I'm not about to tell you who to vote for this November. Quite frankly, I don't know who I will be voting for, but I am sure it won't be John McCain. It's not just because he is Republican. Recent political events have shown that if we [...]

WWOD - Are appointments and inauguration signs of the future?

After one of the longest campaigns in history, plus a historic election and inauguration, we are finally entering this new day of hope and change. There were a lot of promises made and now we will be able to see what will become reality and which [...]

Reclaiming the Roots of Heritage

Viewpoint One of the curses of homophobia is the disconnect we often feel from our family. After we come out we are often excluded from those family gatherings where so much history is shared and knowledge passed. We are kept at arm's length no [...]

Moving beyond acrimony to action

Viewpoint At some point in each of our lives we "drank the Kool-aid." Some charismatic leader, organization, religion, political party, politician and/or movement has had a message that resonated so deeply with our core beliefs that we jump on the [...]

Through the Looking-Glass, and what Alice and I found there

Viewpoint I recently visited the Ruth Ellis Center's new home at 77 Victor in Highland Park. I had been by the old Center but had never really been inside any further than the front door. It was not that I did not appreciate the importance of the [...]

No more time for split political personalities

Viewpoint Being an African American, gay, woman activist can certainly have its ups and downs. When it comes to politics it can be almost schizophrenic. The African American Michelle wanted to feel good about the appointment of an African American [...]

Basking in the sunshine of change

Viewpoint I have been fortunate, actually blessed, in my lifetime to bask in the sunshine of giants – James Boggs, Ruth Ellis, Jim Toy, Eric Alva, Ilana "Invincible" Weaver, Betty Couvetier – just to name a few. Some are living while some watch [...]

What's in the 'Jena 6' for us? Absolutely everything!

I must admit I have a love/hate relationship with the Human Rights Campaign. I have seen its potential and recognize its challenges. And although at times being on the board of governors has brought me extreme angst there has also been moments of [...]