Ted Cruz Thinks Only People Like Him Should Be The Bosses of Marriage Equality

In another episode of “Elections Matter,” the U.S. House of Representatives, which has a Democratic majority, voted to protect the marriages of [...]

People With Uteruses Can't Get Abortions. But Brett Kavanaugh Can't Eat a $20 Sundae in Peace, Either!

I am sure by now you have heard the devastating news about Brett Kavanaugh, credibly-accused sexual assaulter/Supreme Court Justice/man who likes [...]

U.S. Supreme Court Rolls Out Red Carpet, White Hoods for Fascism

Well, this sucks.Even when you know something terrible is coming, you’re never quite prepared for the moment it happens. And yet here we are: The United [...]

Texas Scrubs (aka Republicans), the Deadbeat Dads of State Government, Double Down on Anti-Trans B.S.

I woke up this morning with TLC’s “No Scrubs” stuck in my head, that anthem lambasting “deadbeat ass” men.And then I open my [...]

GOP: 31 Patriot Front Members in Riot Gear on Their Way to Disrupt Idaho Pride ‘Just Tourists’ 

Pride Month is halfway over, and what a month it has been so far. It’s awesome to see photos from the many Pride events and marches across the country and [...]

In Wake of Elementary School Massacre, Ohio Republicans Laser-Focused on One Kid's Crotch

In the United States the call for meaningful gun violence prevention is louder than ever. People are tired of mass shootings every day and want their kids to go [...]

It’s. The. Guns. I Repeat: IT’S THE GUNS

How are you doing? You doing OK? Because I’m not.I can’t stop thinking about Uvalde, a place I didn’t even know existed until May 24, a day [...]

Ginni and Clarence Thomas Definitely Don’t Talk To Each Other About Hopes, Dreams, Overthrowing Government

Clarence Thomas should not be a Supreme Court justice. But because we don’t believe women about sexual harassment, especially not Black women, he [...]

With Everything Going to Hell, Democrats Promise to Make Things Better. Some Day. Probably.

In Buffalo, New York, a white supremacist terrorist went to a grocery store 200 miles from his house specifically to murder Black people. Which he did. [...]

Now Streaming: The Homosexual and Transgender Agenda on LGBTQIADisney+

It was bound to happen. Eventually someone was going to discover that LGBTQ+ people own and run Disney and have been using it to make kids across the United [...]

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Super Bigotry

Wonder Woman (specifically Linda Carter as Wonder Woman) made me gay. Little did I know, that was the plan all along.But the truth about all of your comic [...]

Ariana Grande’s Pagan Vagina Is After Your Children

The Michigan Republican Party recently held its endorsement convention in Grand Rapids, a process that many observers are calling a free and fair election that [...]

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