Leader of Anti-Equality Org Thinks Republicans Are Too Cozy with the Queers

"I mean, there are a lot of reasons to go after Republicans. But being too liberal isn’t one of them."

Trump Dumps Mug Shot Merch That People Will Pay Money for Because They Are Awful

There are a lot of people celebrating disgraced former president Donald Trump’s arrest, complete with mug shot. 

I Just Called to Say ‘Tread Lightly, B-tch,’ and I Mean It From the Bottom of My Heart

I just learned that there will not be a second season of “A League of Their Own,” and that is a big bummer. Abbi Jacobson is a goddess and a genius [...]

Misogynists Come Out of the Woodwork to Stand up for Women Like the Heroes They Aren’t

Hot take: Ronnie Radke is a joke and Falling In Reverse sucks.Actually, I take that back. I would hate to have my calling Radke “a joke” give anyone [...]

Beauty and Grace Can Be a Death Sentence in a Culture Steeped in Toxic Masculinity

When I was in high school my twin sister and our friends and I liked to "parking lot dance party" - and, yes, I am using that entire phrase as a verb because we [...]

Nick Fuentes: Real Men Don't Have Sex, They Have Hobbies

Sex is gay, y'all. I know this because Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist and antisemite podcaster who once had a totally normal dinner with Kanye West and [...]

Right-Wingers Wrestle With "Barbie" Movie's 'Woke' Propaganda

When my twin sister and I were in the third grade, a large, wrapped present sat under our grandma's Christmas tree for at least a week before Christmas. My mom [...]

Right-Wingers Wrestle With ‘Barbie’ Movie’s ‘Woke’ Propaganda

When my twin sister and I were in the third grade, a large, wrapped present sat under our grandma’s Christmas tree for at least a week before Christmas. [...]

Lance Armstrong Reveals How to Solve ‘Real Simple’ Trans Athlete Issue

It seems that everybody these days has an opinion about trans athletes. And many of these opinions are not great!Case in point: notorious cycling cheat and [...]

State Attorneys General Conjure a Cloud to Rain on Target’s Already Finished Pride Parade

I was shopping at my local Kroger, something I do at least once a week, and all of their Pride merchandise was on clearance. T-shirts were $1.80, rainbow garden [...]

Supreme Court to Lady Who Makes Ugly Websites: You Don’t Have to Make Ugly Websites For Gays

The United States Supreme Court is supremely fucked. There are six ultra conservative justices and only three judges with any sense. I knew that this round of [...]

Sad Guy With Microphone Travels From Pride Event to Pride Event Crying for Help

Hope everyone had a good Pride Month, despite the haters. Looking forward to Pride merch going on clearance at big box stores. Because if 50% off doesn’t [...]

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