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2012 Elections, GoProud

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Compiled by Howard Israel

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“Now that the President has personally endorsed marriage equality, his own victory or loss in the election will be important to the outcome of these (court) cases. So will the marriage referenda on ballots in the fall–Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. No matter what anyone says, Justices make decisions in a political context, and if he is defeated the Supreme Court will see it as an implied repudiation by the majority of Americans of his position on gay rights. On the other hand, if he is re-elected, especially by a comfortable margin, it will assure the Supreme Court Justices that being in favor of gay rights, and gay marriage in particular, is not institutionally toxic.”
-Richard Socarides, attorney, former LGBT advisor to President Clinton and former president of Equality Matters, in his column titled “Is the Battle for Gay Rights Over?,”, June 22.
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“The contrast between Obama and Romney on same-sex marriage means that the election might offer the forum for a real national conversation on the issue. Americans who haven’t really thought about why they feel the way they do about same-sex marriage may have a chance to hear the stories of families in other parts of the country, and what being able to get married means to them. There could be a lot of hurt, too – there probably will be – but along with any fits and starts the campaign may accelerate the remarkable, historic shift toward acceptance of same-sex marriage. What was once a daydream stance has become something like a presumption. It helps, when it comes down to it, that there is a human leaning toward love.”
-Amy Davidson, senior editor, The New Yorker, in her column titled “In November, Voting for Gay Marriage?,”, June 06.
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“GOProud, the gay Republican Tea Party group, today ‘enthusiastically’ endorsed de-facto Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, claiming the 65-year old is ‘light years better’ than Barack Obama. Mysteriously, GOProud and its two co-founders, Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron, neglected to mention that Romney is against same-sex marriage, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the repeal of DOMA, does not support an inclusive ENDA, and this week appeared with some of the most virulently anti-gay religious icons of the Republican Party and proclaimed straight parents are better than gay parents.”
-David Badash, in his column titled “GOProud Endorses Romney: ‘Light Years Better Than President Obama’,”, June 20.
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“The truth is that this election is too important to wait or to sit on the sidelines. We plan on spending every day between now and November working to make Obama a one term President. For far too long, the gay left in this country has been allowed to dictate what they believe qualify as ‘gay issues.’ We think that jobs, the economy, healthcare, retirement security and taxes are all ‘gay issues,’ and on every single one of those issues, Mitt Romney is light years better than President Obama.”
-Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founder/executive director, GOProud, a gay political action Republican Tea Party group, in a press release titled “GOProud Endorses former Governor Mitt Romney for President,”, June 20.
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