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GSA commitment to LCC students strong

By |2018-01-16T08:41:15-05:00March 1st, 2007|Opinions|

Regarding Todd Heywood’s viewpoint, “Pox on both your houses”, I don’t think anyone is challenging the history, Todd Heywood is top, but we (LCC-GSA) have done other things. The Lansing Community College Gay-Straight Alliance had the ‘Gay? Fine By Me’ project and people are still wearing them. Every year the LCC GSA travels to an alphabet soup conference bringing back good ideas. This spring we hope to start up a safety zone program. I don’t think we have lost our commitment to the LCC students. This incident just made us more aware of the things the college does outside its educational background in its business. LCC Gay Straight Alliance is just a student organization meant to bridge gaps between LGBTQA. I know I am still waiting for the world to change. If any LCC students feel like they could do better, by all means come join the club.

Frank Vaca
Secretary, Lansing Community College GSA
[email protected]

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