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Wow I am really amazed that you seem that scared to compare a group of Christians to the Nazi’s. THe stark difference is this group (out of love) is trying to pray for the sinner while the Nazi’s just resorted to brutal mass killings (6,000,000 of them to be exact).
In fact, I am willing to bet that not one born again Christian affiliated with Battlecry has advocated, hinted, or advised one teen to harm, touch, or threaten any homosexual, abortion doctor, or liberal politician ever.
It is funny that the liberal left calls so many intolerant and hateful when in fact it is you who are intolerant of anyone with a different viewpoint than yours.
Just remember, God is always in a good mood, loves you, and is waiting with open arms for you to accept Him.*
{ITAL Happy Easter,
Nathan and Whitley Kerr,
Via email}

{ITAL Response from Battle Cry column author Charles Alexander:
Nice to know that the Big Guy is in a good mood — for a change. (The Book of Revelation to the contrary.) Love the sinner, HATE the sin. Have a blessed day. Sieg heil!

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