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I’ve got a joke for you:
Q: Why did Heath Ledger cross the road?
A: He didn’t. He died. Also he played a gay guy in a movie once.
Oh, wait… that’s not funny. It’s kind of in poor taste, too. But hey, I’m just following the example of Fox News talking head John “There’s no point in passing up a good joke” Gibson. Like a true comedian Gibson takes a news item like a young man’s tragic death and runs with it.
Take this knee slapping routine, for example. On Jan. 22 Gibson started out his radio show with a series of audio clips from Brokeback Mountain and funeral music. After the famous line, “I wish I knew how to quit you,” Gibson responded, “Well, he found out how to quit you.” He later said, “Actor Heath Ledger found dead today in his New York City apartment. Face down in the bedroom…” He called Ledger “a weirdo” and twice played the audio clip where Ledger says, “We’re dead,” clearly getting a kick out of it.
Throughout the broadcast he inserted Ledger’s death into stories to punch them up, as humor writers say. Ledger’s demise made hilarious cameos in stories about the stock market and Democratic debates.
I suspect Ledger’s death wouldn’t have provoked so much mockery had he not famously played a gay cowboy. Something tells me that if Orlando Bloom or Will Smith died Gibson’s treatment of the subject would’ve been different.
After all, this isn’t the first time Gibson has used Brokeback Mountain as a backdrop for his “sense of humor.” According to Media Matters, just one year ago, Gibson said, “Hollywood may, in fact, want to give every Oscar it can find to the first gay cowboy movie. But I think most people do not want to go into a darkened room with a tub of popcorn and munch away watching two guys get it on. I just don’t.”
Yeah. I mean, obviously if you go to a “darkened room” in order to “munch away” while “watching two guys get it on” you might as well be bare backing right there in the theatre seats.
Responding to criticism over his anti-Brokeback remarks, Gibson said, “I had one prominent writer say he wouldn’t come on my radio show because I made hate-encouraging speech when I said I couldn’t figure out which was going to be harder to watch, the guys smooching in Brokeback or [former CIA operative] Bob Baer getting his fingernails ripped out in Syriana. I said, hey, I know people who are gay. I have nothing against them, but I don’t want to see this movie.”
And I know people who are straight, but I don’t want to see 27 Dresses.
Oh, and Gibson has also called John Edwards “the Breck girl” and “a pansy.” Because, you know, only fags have nice hair.
But don’t worry. He’s sorry about the Ledger stuff. Or at least, he said he was.
“I’m sorry that some took my comments as anti-gay and insensitive,” Gibson said on his Jan. 24 TV show (yes, he has a TV and a radio show).
But it’s kind of hard to believe a guy who just the day before said he meant every word. “I don’t remember what they were,” he said Jan. 23, “but whatever they were, I meant them.”

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