Seig Heil der Gay Bund!

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Greenwich Village…San Francisco…West Hollywood…Ferndale…the world!
There’s a scene in the film “Cabaret” where some Aryan, blond-haired German youths seated at an outdoor cafe, prompted by misguided jingoism, jump up and sing, “Tomorrow the world belongs to us.” Heil Hitler!
As far-fetched as it may seem, the latest big lie being Christian lip-synched by fundamentalists (who really believe that tomorrow the world belongs to Jesus, not to gays – or to Islam) is that homosexuals have a global agenda.
According to these biblical pinheads, city by city, county by county, country by country, we plan to take over daycare nurseries, schools, churches, theaters, governments, five-star restaurants and, the Lord unwilling, several more-popular Las Vegas casinos. (Bring on the Springtime-for-Hitler-and-Germany Drag Queens!)
For some reason, these fundygelicals have it in their collective holy-roller-coaster, one-track brain pans that gays are members of a secret brotherhood of subversion, a Bund – to use the pre-World War ll German collective noun – out to do in everything that’s red-blooded American.
(Actually the closest I’ve come to participating in a Gay Bund was many years ago at the old Interchange, a leather bar that, in its heyday, was usually packed on weekends with quasi-military types looking less and less butch and militant as the evening progressed and the liquor poured.
I happened to be there the memorable night that was set aside for a “presentation of colors.” For ten minutes, the lights came on full tilt, the loudspeakers blared forth “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” while American and leather-themed flags waved, each carried by well-groomed standard bearers in crisp blue shirts, chest straps, and shinny chaps. It was impressive, and…
…given the setting and palatable zeal exhibited (a few patrons took off their leather caps and wept) all in all, rather silly. No, you can’t convince this old turkey that we gays constitute a secret Bund out to conquer this or any other unfortunately environmentally doomed continent for the gay lifestyle, as opposed to the John 3:16 lifestyle, whatever either may or may not be.)
According to an eye-opening article, “Protocols of the Velvet Mafia,” in the current issue of the Australian magazine DNA, a now-current right-wing strategy is to claim that a Nazi gay clique was ultimately responsible for the Holocaust that took the lives of six million Jews.
“American fundamentalist Christian communities (have) been trying to recast the story of the Nazi Holocaust and lay the blame at the feet of gay men. Behind the Nazi’s program of systematic slaughter of Jews, gypsies, leftists, homosexuals and other groups labeled as undesirable by the German state, they see a secret battle between two different camps of gay men, with the Jews targeted for their disapproval of homosexuals.”
This conspiracy theory is popularized by a book called, “The Pink Swastika,” by self-styled historians Kevin Abrams and Scott Lively. This latter mental poop-scooper is an American bible literalist active in the international – yes, the international! – anti-gay, aggitating movement known as The Watchmen on the Walls.
The historical facts stand in contrast to their lies. Nazi Germany homosexuals were ruthlessly purged from Party ranks, military service, or public life whenever and wherever they were discovered or denounced. Hitler personally had his gay SA chief of staff and longtime friend, Ernst Rohm, brutally murdered.
As for Hitler, he may have had an undescended testicle but he didn’t switch hit. He married his airhead mistress Eva Braun. Two days later they committed suicide. Alas: 12 years, 35 million lives, 15,000 homosexuals too late.

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