Michigan is one of the most stagnant states in the country when it comes to our rights. What do you think we can do to push things along?

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I believe the most important action we can take is to live as if we have all the rights of everyone else. We need to marry if that is what we desire, regardless of whether the state recognizes our marriage or not. We need to be honest about ourselves at work, even if there is no protection for us. The more we live as people of equal worth, unashamed of ourselves, the sooner the rest of society will recognize our essential right to equal personhood.
-Bob Bond

Actively campaign against insane, right wing, Gary-Glenn-backed members of the legislature.
-Todd Te Adoro Erickson

Michigan is probably the most stagnant because of the economy here. If people weren’t so worried about money, they’d be more likely to become activists and worry about queer rights.
-Vanessa Vojinov

I think we can and should be getting actively involved in our existing LGBT organizations, like Equality Michigan, which have recently reorganized and are working on some really great long-term planning to turn the state of the LGBT state around.
-Nick Piotrowski

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