Readers’ response: State Lawmakers Target LGBT Citizens: Bill would void all local protections for LGBT people. Your rights are on the line again.

BTL Staff
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They hate us for our freedoms to redecorate and restyle!
-Todd Te Adoro Erickson

This is insane and a violation of civil rights.
-Jayne Van Kirk

“We’ll help you, but only if it fits our political views.” Right…
-Michael Suitts

SERIOUSLY?? We don’t have more important issues? They don’t want us to have anything.
-Takara Tk Tuff

I don’t agree with it but acknowledge that the state has the right to deny LGBT partners health benefits; but where in the hell do they get the right to negate all local city and township laws and protections?
-Gar Peterson

Wait. I thought it was all about jobs? I guess not! They prove it over and over again.
-Troy Hawkins

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