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Creep of the Week

The Christian-dominated religious right in America is not exactly known for being BFFs with Jews. I mean, there’s that whole “Your people killed Jesus” thing that some people take issue with. And, of course, every religion thinks they have the right answer and everybody else is just kidding themselves, and that’s certainly at play when it comes to Christian/Jewish playdates.
However, if there’s one thing radical Christians love it’s someone who speaks their language of anti-gay ideology. And Noson Leiter of Torah Jews for Decency fits that bill just fine, thank you. After all, last year he blamed Hurricane Sandy on gays and lesbians.
On May 9 Leiter spoke during a Tea Party Unity conference call about how scary homos are and how there is no difference between homosexuality and pedophilia while he outlined a giant gay conspiracy against the rest of the country, which will be news to anyone who is actually gay.
“The end game is that we are the target,” Leiter says. “It’s not that they are stepping on all of our rights and basically advancing the cause of child molestation in order to get to some other goal, that is part of their goal.”
In other words, gays may say they want things like marriage rights and protection from things like hate crimes and employment discrimination, but all gays really want is to snatch up the children of heterosexuals.
“The nature of radical pederasty basically involves the victimization of kids,” Leiter says. He then trips all over himself trying to bring up the North American Man Boy Love Association. “The acceptance of NAMBLA, National Association of Man Boy Love, uh, the National Man, uh, I think it’s North American Association, the Man Boy Love Association, something like that, which has been traditionally accepted by mainstream homosexual activists in their marches historically, that reflects more than just the radical fringe, that reflects the unstated agenda, ultimately that’s what these people are after: they are after our kids.”
First of all, NAMBLA is hardly a mainstream organization, though it is, in fact, real. However, saying that NAMBLA represents all homosexuals is like saying that the Westboro Baptist Church represents all Christians. Or like saying Noson Leiter speaks for all Jews.
But NAMBLA fits the anti-gay narrative folks like Leiter want so badly to believe is true and so they love to bring it up as if it is definitive proof. It isn’t. Seriously, if NAMBLA was really a leader in LGBT rights movement, they’d have a more professional-looking logo and website. But it’s not just children that gays are after. “They are after the bibles and guns that Americans cling to,” Leiter claims.
I, personally, did not get this memo from Homo Headquarters. I’ve been trying to figure out when I’m going to have time this week to mow my lawn and do some laundry, and now I’ve got to go from house to house rounding up bibles and guns? I don’t have time for this shit and neither does any other LGBT person I know. OR DO WE? (Cue evil laughter.)
Seriously, though. Leiter is totally serious. He claims that “homosexual activists will not rest until all of their opposition is totally eliminated, and co-opted and converted to their side.” Leiter goes on later to rant about “homosexualist terrorism.”
Uh, woah. Who is this guy talking about?
You know that Dove “Real Beauty” commercial where the sketch artist draws women how they describe themselves and then draws them how another person describes them? I would like to see that commercial redone using actual gays and lesbians describing themselves compared to Leiter and his ilk describing gays and lesbian. Because those pictures are going to be very different. I’m talking horns and fangs different.
Then again, I can joke all I want about how disconnected Leiter is from the real world. He, and people who think like him, are a scary reality.

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