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Dear BTL,
While I deplore the American Family Association, and the usage of “family” in their name, I realize that they are entitled by our Constitution to do so.
However, they do not have the word “Christian” in their organizational title and I am glad, because they are far from being Christian. I ask that we do not take the path of the media with sloppy labels and titles and instead call them for what they are: an extremist group. They not only have a dislike for GLBT people, they have a dislike for the very foundation that our Constitution stands for: Equality for all!
Let us not give the AFA any “label” credits when we can avoid it. They do not and will not represent all of the Christians (or even the majority of them) in the U.S. or anywhere else. As a man who has come to accept Christ as his savior and who happens to be gay, I want to make it clear that this organization has swayed far from the teachings of Jesus and seems to have switched to the extremist teachings of Hitler instead.
Kenn Bing,
HRC Board of Governors, Michigan

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