Michigan to be ‘about flat’ from Ryan White funding

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Although local HIV/ADIS service providers have yet to digest the total impact on funding levels for Michigan as a result of the Part B funding under the revised Ryan White CARE Act, it appears that funding levels will be about flat.
“Our congressional delegation was able to negotiate what appears to be a modest gain in funding,” said Barbara Murray, president of the HIV/AIDS Alliance of Michigan, an HIV/AIDS lobbying group. “But the increased demand for prescription drug coverage under the AIDS Drug Assistance Program will most likely consume any gain.”
Murray said that she has no reason to be “hysterical” about funding levels yet, she remains worried about the implications for Michigan’s HIV/AIDS service providers. “The devil will be in the details,” she said, referring to funding restrictions and imperatives that may be in the final bill.
All HIV/AIDS service providers in Michigan that receive Ryan White grants are on temporary, three month extensions of their contracts through May 31. Extensions were granted pending passage and implementation of this final Ryan White Authorization legislation.

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