Mistress of Evil

1 Sissy
5 Shoot off a larger branch
10 They may come from Uranus
14 Anti-oxidant berry
15 Model's asset
16 Request from bended knee
17 Woody valley
18 Beatles manager Brian's nickname
19 Trireme propellers
20 She plays Princess Aurora in "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil"
23 Threesome on a phone button
25 Same-sex vow, now
26 Lid for Barrie
27 Pacifier
30 Roll with the punches
32 You can dance with a sailor here
34 Dish in a lab
36 With 40-Across, she plays Queen Ingris in "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil"
38 Like some classic movies
39 Cross-dresser's concern
40 See 36-Across
42 Sticky stuff
43 Taiwanese or Thai
45 Way out
46 Goofed up
49 James Whale portrayer McKellen
50 Way of the theater
52 Cabinet div.
54 Connoisseur Allen and others
56 She plays the title role in "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil"
61 Asian cuisine
62 Biscotti flavoring
63 Gets the bottom line
65 Erection, in slang
66 Gin partner
67 NY Met, for one
68 It may come before 69
69 "___ at time!" (serial polygamy motto)
70 Lairs of bears

1 What a guy may shoot
2 Frozen dessert
3 Culprit with a Y chromosome?
4 AZT dose
5 Geert Blanchart's kind of skating
6 High hit ball in Glenn Burke's sport
7 Talk show cohost Kelly
8 Really loves
9 Susan's "Thelma and Louise" partner
10 Second word of a fairy tale
11 Poles for pennants
12 On top of, in poetry
13 Airline to Oslo
21 Soda size, sometimes
22 Philip Johnson contemporary
23 Cost, in slang
24 Susie Bright, to erotica
28 Tough sledding
29 Cocteau's Peter
31 F-word start, for Socrates?
33 Mapplethorpe's "Dark ___ Rose"
35 Band that recorded "Unbelievable"
37 Comic actor DeLaria
38 Kevin Bacon in "Footloose"
41 1940 Disney classic
44 Audit
47 More like Cho's comedy
48 One of Freddie Mercury's pair
50 "Oklahoma!"'s ___ Annie
51 Cuba or Aruba
53 Philosopher of Athens
55 Force out
56 "Cat on ___ Tin Roof"
57 Children's caretaker
58 Bean's team
59 "Spamalot" writer Eric
60 Forbidden fruit site
61 USA alternative
64 MTF operation








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