MOCAD Hosts Self-Perception and Storytelling Exhibit May Through August

From May 10 through Aug. 18, The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit will be hosting an exhibit targeted at challenging viewers' perceptions of themselves, storytelling and moving image, called "Unboxing: Doublespeak."
"The works in this exhibition engage the human voice as both material and technology, bending accepted conventions of vocal intonation and articulation vis-à-vis their application in film and media," write event organizers. "Comprised of a suite of video installations by Mary Helena Clark, Helina Metaferia, Laure Prouvost and Bailey Scieszka that unfold in four parts over the course of the exhibition, 'Doublespeak' asks viewers to reimagine speech as a narrative device, as well as an instrument of individual empowerment."
This exhibit is organized by Pat Elifritz, MOCAD's curator of new media and technology and is the first of an upcoming series.
"'Doublespeak' is the first installment in 'Unboxing,' an ongoing series of exhibitions, screenings and performances at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit dedicated to emerging ideas at the crossroads of technology, media and contemporary art," organizers say.