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Rachel Has Two Daddies

By | 2012-03-22T09:00:00-04:00 March 22nd, 2012|Entertainment|


1 With 32-Across, portrayer of one of Rachel’s dads
5 Take down a peg
10 Bone of the leg
14 Trucker’s rod
15 Runway walker
16 Go in only partway, at the beach
17 “It’s ___ a while”
18 Big name in Chinese history
19 Mail carriers at Hogwarts
20 Suntan spoiler
21 With 45-Across, portrayer of one of Rachel’s dads
23 Cruising, maybe
25 Cozy corners
26 Pull a boa behind you?
28 Least taxing
32 See 1-Across
36 Beginning to come?
37 Piglet’s pal
38 Taters
41 Kind of will
42 Seminal computer
45 See 21-Across
48 Classified rectangles
51 Part played by Nabors
52 Unexpected pleasures
54 Tickle a funny bone
58 Duet sung by Rachel’s two daddies
62 Current events in Corinth?
63 Poet Gidlow
64 Stay home for supper
65 State, in St. Lo
66 Actor Mapa
67 “I Got a Name” singer Jim
68 It was gauche, for Debussy
69 “The Bridge” poet Crane
70 Patton’s vehicles
71 Rachel’s TV show


1 “Star Wars” villain with a big tongue
2 Bring to bear
3 They bother bitches
4 Low boggy land
5 Pt. of USA
6 Sex with the top on bottom?
7 Ike’s opponent
8 Medium meeting
9 Inventor Otis
10 Kurtz of “More Tales of the City”
11 Overhead predator
12 “Spamalot” writer Eric
13 Monster’s loch
21 Streisand, for short
22 New Ager John
24 TV announcer Hall
27 Gore and Green
29 Canal traveled by New York ferries
30 Bear market order
31 Work the land
32 What the fruits did in the orchard
33 Sometime Capote associate Chaplin
34 Tender ender?
35 Elton John’s mother
39 Crankcase rod, or slang for your rod
40 Porking place?
43 What drawers do
44 Serious attention
46 Encourage the cast
47 Line of Todd Oldham dresses?
49 Do a private eye’s job
50 1943 Bogart film
53 Range of the Rockies
55 “___ we meet again”
56 Like a metrosexual
57 Makeup maker Lauder
58 Positive reply
59 Stew in Sitges
60 Friendly opening
61 Wallet wad
65 Piece of work

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