Detroit, Here He Comes: 5 Times Lil Nas X Delivered Earth-Shattering Queerness

Not very long ago at all, hardly anyone had heard of Montero Lamar Hill. One record-breaking first single, “Old Town Road” (the remix won him a [...]

J. Santino's New Single ‘Gemini’ a Catchy Nod to Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’

Detroit-based pop sensation J. Santino is back with a new single. “Gemini,” a self-penned tune. Santino announced the release on TikTok.Santino, 23, [...]

Lil Nas X to Kick Off Tour in Detroit, Snubs Texas

The one and only Lil Nas X has announced his first tour. The “Long Live Montero” tour will kick off Tuesday, Sept. 6 in Detroit at The Fillmore. [...]

7 Funky Tracks Bringing Vaccine Vibes to Your Spring

Listen, you don't need some pretentious glob about spring being intrinsically linked to change and growth from me. Still, staring at my vaccine card and [...]

R&B, Dance Diva Sybil to Perform on July 25 at Hotter Than July Virtual Picnic

R&B and Dance Diva Sybil is set to perform at The Hotter Than July Virtual Picnic on Saturday, July 25. LGBT Detroit organizes the event annually and is [...]

Jax Anderson Talks New 'Heal' EP Before El Club Show Feb. 8

Regular self-reflection might seem like it's part and parcel of being a musician, but as with any career, it's easy to get bogged down by the everyday [...]

Just Some Gay Guy's Best Albums of 2019

10. Miranda Lambert, 'Wildcard' After flooding a sublime double-disc album with her post-divorce feelings (hey, divorce is hard!), Miranda Lambert got her [...]

Trixie Mattel brings her 'Moving Parts' to Detroit

Since first rising to fame as a fan-favorite on season seven of "RuPaul's Drag Race" and then becoming the show's "All-Stars 3" winner, drag queen Trixie [...]

Taylor Swift Calls Out Gay-Hate On New Single. Plus, 7 Other Summer Songs

Taylor Swift is a gay icon on the job! Céline Dion is flying! Katy Perry is not sexualizing buffets! And then, there's MIKA, your "Ice Cream" man, and country [...]

Review: Pink Soars, Affirms 'Forgotten and Invisible' During Powerful Show

Have you balanced atop and dangled from an aerialist in midair, nothing holding you to him but his strength and yours? Or boomeranged Spidey-style from end to [...]

9 Albums to Hear This Year, From Ariana to Madonna

There's something for every color of the rainbow included in this year's music-release roster. The list is long, but here's a taste: debuts from "Pitch [...]

Best Albums of 2018

10. Jussie Smollett, "Sum of My Music"  No way "Empire" star Jussie Smollett was about to let a label – in his case, not just any label but Sony [...]

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