Parting Glances: Take me to your lederhosen

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It’s no secret that Pope Benedict XVI as teenager Joseph Alois Ratzinger was a Hitler Youth member. Born in 1927 (April 16th, if you care enough to send the very best at overseas airmail postal rate, $7.95), he joined in 1941, age 13.
Perhaps it was at that psychological age of accountability and peer-group, click-thy-heels alignment that His Holiness acquired a lifelong taste for dress up, moving from Deutchesland Uber Alles lederhosen to Post Vatican Second Go Around Prada red ecclesiastical pumps, with designer zucchetto and matching cape.
Even so, it was compulsory for boys to join the Hitler Jugend and, less so, for girls to join the Bund Deutches Madel. Millions of kids did so. OR ELSE. (I did a subliminally inspiring stint in the Boy Scouts of America, earning merit badges in creative tent design, rough-and-tumble camping, and Granny knot tying.)
Judging from scenes in director/ cinematographer — and Nazi darling — Leni Riefenstahl’s 1934 groundbreaking propaganda documentary, “Triumph of the Will,” the Hitler Youth taking part in that year’s Nuremberg Rally were a gung-ho lot in their unblinking devotion to leader Adolf Hitler.
Leni’s cameras smugly capture the faces of these singing, saluting, blond, blue-eyed Aryan warrior clones, most of whom will die for Hitler’s mad dream of world conquest. (They are in stark contrast to flabby party goose-steppers Hess, Goring, Himmler, Bormann — who look about as much a member of the Master Race as does, say, our own Ann Coulter, Ms Anemia Nosferatu.)

Lest we forget, Germany’s 1939 preemptive strike on Poland (World War ll) 68 years ago cost 55 million lives, including 6 million Holocaust Jews, and 50,000 pink-triangle homos. “Those who do not remember the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them,” observed gay philosopher George Santayana.
Ignoring this time-honored caveat a new American Youth Hostile movement — Battlecry! — is raising its mentally mongoloidal ranks in key cities, and is scheduled to descend like a plague of preying locust in the Detroit area, April 13th, a Friday, no less.
Battlecry’s mission is “to take back America” (and not to give it to the Indians, in case you’re wondering). Its teens, who in March blitzkrieg’d San Francisco with 22,000 gospel goon squadees, are engaged in a cultural war. They openly shout it. Gay agenda, same-sex marriage. abortion, drugs, premarital sex, masturbation (alone or in non-Southern Baptist circle jerks), and Salsa dancing with non-Born Again partners are damnable sins.
Battlecry’s motto is ARISE! (In Nazi Germany the watchword was Erwacht — AWAKE!) Their logo is three red pennants in circles on a white background, lettering in black — the colors of the infamous hooked-cross flag, the Swastika. Rallies include brain-numbing amplified sound and seizure-inducing use of lights. (The Nazi Nuremberg Rally’s were sky-lit by 30 surrounding klieg lights.)
Says Battlecry founder and fuhrer Ron Luce, “This is war. And Jesus invites us into action, telling us that the violent — the ‘forceful’ ones — will lay hold of the kingdom. Christian youth should pursue God like stalkers. Go way out into the deep and be a stalker for God.” [But please wear your rubbers.]
Battlecry is a part of Teen Mania, a Fundie don’t-think tank that sponsors an Honors Academy, a non-accredited educational institution giving directed internships to 700 college grads. (Interns are forbidden to listen to ‘worldly’ music, watch Harry Potter movies, or date. Guys can’t use the Internet unchaperoned, and — Christian cross dressers, please note — skirt length for gals is three inches below the presumably virginal knee caps.)
Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil!

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