To Vote Or Not To Vote. What’s The Question?

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In Michigan, 976,000 people did not vote in 2010 who had voted in 2008. That’s like almost a million for all you math whizzes! Just because it wasn’t a presidential election and Obama wasn’t on the ballot, Michigan voters stayed home, did their hair, wrote their memoirs – whatever was more important that day than exercising their right to vote.
If you are one of those that didn’t vote in 2010, we’re not here to judge (what were you thinking???). We just want you to take this opportunity to redeem yourself and do the smart, cool thing by voting this time.
To help all those hapless voters out there, BTL did an in-depth study to discover the reasons/excuses why a voter might sit out this election. Let’s look at the top five:

Lame Excuse #1 – It doesn’t matter if I vote or not:

Tell that to the millions of people who fought and died for the right to vote here and the millions more who live in countries where they can’t vote. Try that excuse in Russia where Putin has launched a reign of terror against LGBT people. (By the way, has anyone else noticed that Gary Glenn could win a Putin look-a-like contest?)

Lame Excuse #2 – I don’t know who to vote for:

Gotcha covered on that one. BTL’s 2014 online Voter Guide has all your answers. Just go to, enter your zip code and your complete ballot will appear. It will show you which candidates are endorsed by BTL and by other LGBT, pro-choice, environmental and labor groups. We also show you which candidates are endorsed by anti-LGBT groups. All you need to know is your zip code – and if you don’t know that, then, well, we give up. (No computer access: we have included our 20-page printed version of the Voter Guide in this issue of BTL! Use and pass it on…)

Lame Excuse #3 – I’m busy that day:

Vote absentee. It is really easy. Just download the absentee ballot application at Check the box that says you’ll be away the day of voting – nobody is going to check if you’re really home or not. Mail it to your city clerk’s office and they will send you a ballot. You can do the whole thing without leaving your La-Z-Boy. This Saturday, Nov. 1, is the last day you can apply for one.

Lame Excuse #4 – I hate politics and the ads drive me nuts:

OK – we’ll give you that. The ads are annoying and the negativity is boring. But life is like that. You have to take drivers’ education to get a license. You have to file your taxes. You have to call your mom at least once a week. Buck up and vote anyway.

Lame Excuse #5 – Voting makes me nervous; it feels like the SAT test:

My personal school tragedy phobia stems from elementary school picture day. Can we talk? Voting is the easiest test you’ll ever take. Just fill in the little ovals next to the person’s name. You’ll be OK. No one is going to grade you or yell at you for cheating off your neighbor’s test. You get an automatic A+ just for voting!

In this election, voter turnout will determine everything. Strong voter turnout could result in a pro-LGBT state government in Michigan. If millions don’t bother, then we’ll probably get a bunch of scary, right-wing maniacs in office who want to make it really hard to be LGBT in our state.
If you are one of the almost million that didn’t vote in the last off-year election, and we still haven’t convinced you to vote this time, then call one of our BTL voter counselors. Clearly you just need a good yelling at!

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