Parting Glances: Take Your Time, Mary!

Consult any daily horoscope worth its intrinsic wait in days, hours, star signs, planet probabilities and second guesses, and you'll come to the probable (or, improbable) planetary conclusion that everything is indeed a matter of timing.
For most of us, the timing is usually off. But, on rare occasions, it's off and running surprising well (well, well!).
Truth is, coincidences do happen, or by chance they overlap like signs in the moody midnight zodiacal sky.
Take, for example, Charles Robert Alexander, Jr, — namely me. I am, of course, very proud to be LGBTQ+. Only this time, the "T" stands for Taurus. (Yes, I'm pretty good at taking the PG bull by the horn!)
For those of my horoscopic readers: I earned my Taurus status by being artfully born on May 12, 1936, in Detroit's Harper Hospital. At my current age, I may well be the first gay birthing of that center of healing mercy and goodness.
(And, just out of Cass Technical High School, I worked at Harper Hospital as an OR Tech, and actually scrubbed with Dr. Leonard Heath, who brought me into this zodiacal, and occasionally gone-myopic, world.)
By coincidence (or, planetary alignment), May 12 is also Eid al-Fitr in 2021. That's the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan that includes daily fasting. During this fast, that means celibacy, too.
And, while I am not a follower of hallowed Islam, I have been unintentionally celibate of recent past years. Not so much by choice but by deflation of desire due to disinclination of age. (Taking the bull by the horny.)
Another horoscopic parallel perhaps worth mentioning is that the May 13 and 14 publication date of this Between The Lines issue marks my 33rd year of writing for this excellent and informative paper.
(Go figure. On cosmic second thought: don't bother. The stars and planets crisscrossing each other say it was meant to be. Winning the big-time lottery unfortunately was not.)
To celebrate my May Day heavenly crisscrossing, here's a channeled Taurus message for we LGBTQ+ creative, two-spirit avatars:
"LGBT+ [people] are two-spirited souls who are cosmic/genetically gifted with a talent, exceptional skill, ability to offer metaphysical thoughts, insights, love and healing to others once such avatar's gifted uniqueness comes into play and looked-after fruition.
These avatars — gay, lesbian, transgender people — are often so oriented as indication of this unique status [that] is given special care and watch-over by the universe for the ultimate creative benefit and good of all with whom LGBT+ avatars will ultimately come into sharing contact."
Oh, yes! Happy Cinco de Mayo, happy Mother's Day and, lastly, happy horoscopic revised income tax day! (May the moon shine in your Venus and the sunshine radiate your Jupiter! And vice versa. Ignore tax-paying Uranus!