2020 Wedding Trends to Spice Up Your Ceremony

Planning a wedding at any stage can be tricky, and one of the most difficult parts is creating a ceremony that's uniquely one's own. To help with that struggle, Between The Lines has collected a list of 20 popular trends this year that might make planning easier.

1. Micro Weddings
For those looking for an intimate ceremony but not interested in running away to elope, micro weddings may be the answer. These ceremonies include a small number of guests, roughly 20 or fewer, and are intended to create a shorter and more relaxed atmosphere than an event with hundreds of attendees. In fact, many couples opt for this option because it provides a more cost-effective alternative to a large event.
Still, a smaller event doesn't have to mean skimping on the details. Many couples use the tiny guest list as an opportunity to splurge on gourmet food, a favorite band and more all at the cost of a regular event.

2. Barrettes and Combs
According to The Knot, brides are opting for more than just veils in 2020: barrettes and combs are becoming increasingly popular.
"These wedding hair accessories are often adorned in pearls, rhinestones and colorful enamels. They're great for holding back natural curls or creating a second style for your wedding reception," the site says.

3. Edible Florals
Flowers are always a wedding staple, but in 2020, more couples are opting to make them part of the menu, too. A naturally beautiful addition, they can be flavorful, too; flowers can be readily incorporated into cocktails, appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts and, of course, the wedding cake as well.

4. Unique Wedding Dress Codes
Creating a stellar wedding party often starts with a flawless dress code for one's needs. So often weddings are assumed to be "black tie" affairs, requiring tuxedos and cocktail dresses, but what about taking it up a notch to "white tie" or even down to a "beach casual" invite?
In 2020, more and more couples are focusing on tailoring the dress code — formal or not — to suit their themed ideas. And if you're a wedding guest who is in doubt, renting wedding attire from a site like Rent the Runway allows both couples and guests to get high fashion for low cost.

5. Uncommon Party Favors
Gone are the days of exclusively sugared almonds and candles, couples are taking their party favors up a notch to fit both their theme and personality. Ideas for a fresh take on the traditional post-party gift are personalized stemless wine glasses, bottle openers, customized pastries, drinks with personalized labels, coasters, playing cards and more.

6. Non-Traditional Flowers
Peonies and gardenias are always lovely, but they don't have to be one's exclusive choice. In 2020, couples are opting for choices like wildflower, succulents and more.
"I think the biggest trend this year is the non-traditional flower," said Mindy Weiss, a Los Angeles-based wedding planner in a piece. "Instead of fresh flowers, dried flowers are in—sometimes painted or bleached and, sometimes, left natural."

7. "Green" Weddings
As environmental consciousness grows so has the tendency for couples to forego wasteful or potentially environmentally harmful practices on their big day. A few ways to cut down on eco-harm is by avoiding single-use papers and plastics, renting linens, using potted plants and water-saving succulents as decor, composting the wedding's waste, and being mindful of the sustainable practices of the chosen venue. Couples can also take steps to buy food and beverages in bulk from local vendors, caterers and farms.

8. Colorful Wedding Dresses — and Weddings
Choosing from an array of ivory, bone and off-white wedding dress shades was once the only option, but today wedding parties are embracing wedding dresses of every shade. Los Angeles wedding planner Stefanie Cove said in a Brides piece that she sees the trend applying to every aspect of the ceremony in 2020.
"I think a trend of 2020 will be a colorful palette with rich tones and dimensions as brides get away from all-white weddings that feel oh-so-bridal," she said. "I think that custom printed tent fabric and tablecloths will be big."

9. Rethinking the Traditional Bridesmaid Look
Picking the bridesmaids' dresses is often difficult between finding the right colors, style and fit. This year, wedding planners are urging couples to forego the traditional dress and perhaps give the bridesmaids a theme around which to choose their clothes.
"Non-traditional bridesmaid looks — think eclectic over matchy-matchy," said wedding planner Sunna Yassin in a Brides article.

10. Non-Traditional Catering
So much of a successful wedding centers around infusing the personalities of the couple into the ceremony, why not extend that practice into the food? Caterers often provide standard chicken, beef or fish options, but many couples are opting to find vendors who can design a menu that spices up the traditional options. And why not reach out to your favorite restaurant? So long as the choices provide meals for guests with dietary restrictions, wedding planners predict unique menus to be a hit.


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