I Took My Home on the Road. Only Then Did I Discover How to Be Truly at Home With Myself.

When I decided to move my entire life into a 1979 Coachmen RV, most people thought I’d lost my mind. Moving 27 years' worth of my life including my two [...]

Inside the ‘Daddyhole’: The Popular Attraction Returns to Detroit's Dirty Show

Attention sexual citizens of Michigan: For the 23rd time, “Detroit’s cavalcade of carnality” promises to turn Motor City mad, for sexual [...]

From 'Ammonite' to 'Of an Age': Queer Love Onscreen, In All its Weird and Wonderful Forms

“Of an Age” lingers languidly over a hot summer day in Melbourne, where practically nothing of consequence happens, except the complete implosion of [...]

FDA Proposes New Individual Risk Assessments to Make It Easier For Gay, Bisexual Men To Donate Blood

A new FDA policy will pave the way for more gay and bisexual men to donate blood. Current policy requires MSM (men who have sex with men) to undergo a [...]

The NSFW Michigan Men of OnlyFans

No, not all queer OnlyFans creators live in Puerto Vallarta. Out of the more than 1.5 million OnlyFans creators, a sizable chunk of hotties are from right here [...]

An Erotic Film Series in Michigan Has Revived This Vigorously Directed Punkish Lesbian Sci-Fi Flick

In the second week of 2023, “Skinamarink,” a shoestring-budget independent horror work shot in Edmonton, Alberta, opened to wide release and found [...]

Is #MeToo Lacking a Queer, Racially Diverse Focus? These Essayists Say Yes.

The #MeToo era was a turning point in a larger, much-needed conversation about consent, but a new book is challenging some of the basic assumptions around that [...]

The Michigan Nurse Who Played a Key Role in Keeping Mpox Cases to a Minimum

When monkeypox (now officially termed “mpox” by the World Health Organization) first arrived in Michigan, Chris Petrat, clinical manager and nurse [...]

Meet the Pansexual Filmmaker Showcasing Stories That Star Neurotypical and Neurodivergent Actors

In December, Michigan-born writer and filmmaker Orion Couling, who is from Marquette, walked the red carpet alongside four actors with Down syndrome who [...]

So Your Kid Is Queer: How Parents Can Be Who Their LGBTQ+ Child Needs Them To Be 

Parenting a queer child comes with unique considerations. After all, LGBTQ+ people, despite advances in protections and rights (though, more recently, some [...]

Therapy Is Expensive, But These Queer Social Media Healers Are Just a Tap Away

When it comes to LGBTQ+ mental health, representation matters.In fact, it’s at the heart of why Chris Grant, aka “The Queer Therapist” [...]

Threesomes: Let My Experience Be Your Guide

At 30, I’ve had a lot of threesomes. I’ve identified as polyamorous my entire life, since I started dating at 15, though I wasn’t sexually [...]

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