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By Anthony Paull

Since winning over the hearts of LGBT readers over the last few years with the Dating Diet (check out the latest edition on page …), which has been syndicated in more than 13 LGBT papers and online outlets across the U.S., we thought we’d learn more about its columnist, Anthony Paull. So here we present you a Q&A with Anthony, by Anthony.

Pardon my asking, but why do you do it?
Well, I need the money, and I enjoy sharing my stories so readers will feel less alone when facing similar problems in their love lives. I find it therapeutic, really. So I gather a new story each month, and I work through the pain the one way I know how – by placing one word in front of another.

Yes, but why?
Because writing is what I do.

I don’t know. It’s in my DNA. At least, that’s what my agent says, but he also told me to rewrite my latest manuscript, so I’m kind of getting mixed messages from him. But then again, I’m used to mixed messages. I mean, I date men.

Because they’re sexy.

I don’t know. I like the texture.

You know, you’re starting to sound like my father, and if that’s going to be the case, we might need to end this interview. I thought we were going to talk about my writing.

Because I’d like to plug my first short film, “The Green, Green Heart.”

Well, because it’s been online for a week now, and it’s only received 100 hits.

That’s what I’d like to know. I mean, it’s poignant and heartfelt, but in a gritty, new-wave, John Waters’ kind of way.

Wow, a new question. But to answer, the film is a parallel lives story, about two people saving each other from abusive relationships, yet there’s a twist. To lure a woman to his home, the lead uses his mother’s bowel movements to make the lawn bright green. His plan is to sell himself along with his house to escape his mother. It’s based on a short story I had written titled “Love for Sale.” It’s a rather quirky story, but filled with such hope. I like to give my audience a happy ending, even if it’s a whisper of one.

Because everyone is battling some sort of loss, and they need stories to remind them that there is “love” and “good” in the world. That’s what the Dating Diet is really about. It shows progress. Twenty years ago, I would have been banished for writing a gay dating column. We were never told it was OK to date. Now, gay and straight readers alike can see that though their sexual orientation is different, the stories remain the same. To me, that’s hope – that’s why we must continue to trudge on.

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