Gay and religious?

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ANN ARBOR – If one were to identify as LGBT and a person of faith in Ann Arbor, there seemingly might not be many places to go to find a community of individuals who share the same kind of identity. With ultra-conservative groups dominating the U-M diag as of late, the entire concept of being an LGBT person of faith could almost seem oxymoronic. It is because of this perceived need for a welcoming environment that the LGBT Commission, in conjunction with a suite of other student groups and community organizations, are holding “Spectrum of Faiths” at 6 p.m. March 18 to help shed some light on the question.
“We are very excited to be organizing this event,” said Adrian Madriz, the external relations chair of the LGBT Commission on campus, in a press release.
“For a long time, I was very much unaware that there were so many LGBT welcoming and affirming communities of faith in Ann Arbor. I see so many people struggling to reconcile those two very important parts of their identity. It only makes sense to have this event to let these individuals know that they are not alone.”
The event will feature both student organizations, like Hillel’s Ahava, and off-campus organizations like Faith Action Network and MCC Tree of Life. Lisa Gray, Canon of the Ordinary at Canterbury House, will be a featured speaker at the event. “Spectrum of Faiths” will be held as part of the greater Pride Week activities at the Trotter Multicultural Center located at 1443 Washtenaw in Ann Arbor. It is open to the public. All orientations and faith backgrounds are welcome.
For more information, contact Adrian Madriz at [email protected] or call 786-523-4734.

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