Parting Glances: May Babies May Be Gay Babies!

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The “Coffee Table Book of Astrology” tattles that “taurus is the astrological sign of sexual deviancy.”
Or, as a friend of mine used to tell me year after year of our 40-year friendship, “Brandy” — his nickname for me, as in the alcoholic beverage, brandy Alexander — “May babies are gay babies.” There may be some truth to this observation.
In fact, three of my longtime friends share and celebrate my birth date, May 12, as their own: Ted Kirby, Daniel Scott Snyder and Kat LaTosh.
And just last week I ran into Wayne State University Philosophy Chairperson Dr. John Corvino, who turns 50 this year — and looks more handsome than ever — on May 15. (He had several columns in BTL 10 years ago. As the ancient gay Romans might say, “In Corvino veritas.”)
Dr. John missed it by one day to be birthed on the same day — May 16 — as Liberace, and contemporary new entertainer Joey Graceffa. And also five days before Harvey Milk’s natal debut on May 22.
Two famous bisexual/lesbian birthdays also occur on my birthday: Florence Nightingale and Katherine Hepburn. (The less said about another May 12 Celeb — straight — Casey Stengel, the better.)
Lest my PG readers feel that I’m bragging about my taurus elitist standing, the truth is that all astrological signs are replete with LGBTQ birth dates. (Check
The May Facebook listing remembers 24 members of our own rainbow community, both current activists and allies: Tom Groom (1); Peter Gierak (1); Cole Cassidy (2); Kat Delph (3); James Jennings (6); Anton Anderssen (7); Bob Cafagna (8); Jim Stone (10); Chaz Beach (13); Doug Risner, Ph.,D, (14); Ray Schultz, Ph.D. (14); Rick Chizmadia (14); Mateo Michael McGough (16); Michael Hill (20); Dave Gelbach (23); David Herge (24); Susan Crocker (24); Jeri Hill (26); Paul Chrustowski (27); Richard Krause (28) Rosemary Jozwiak (29); Abraham Caraballo (29); Scott Mattson (30). Oh, yes: Dignity Detroit (17)!
A touch, too, of special remembrance: Jeff Montgomery was born on May 8, 1953. He sadly, unexpectedly died three years ago. A full-length documentary, “America You Kill Me,” of his years as head of the Triangle Foundation and strong, outspoken, well-respected advocate of LGBTQ human rights issues in Detroit, Lansing, and nationwide is scheduled to be shown locally in May.
And what’s there special about those born under the arena sign of taurus? A simple summation of us taken from “The Sun in the Sex Horoscope” website provides one of many timely astrology summations. Applicable to activism, as well as to sex. Take your pick. One or both.
“Taurus takes time, in a good way, and makes sure to do the work necessary. Taurus is not eager to seduce, nor easy for anyone else to seduce. It’s a question of patience and persistence. Taurus is there for the long run, and very physical all through.”
There’s one special taurus standout among the LGBTQ group however: Christine Jorgensen, the first person in America to become widely known for having sex reassignment surgery (1951).
Christine was born George William Jorgensen Jr. on May 30, 1926, in the Bronx, New York City; and she died on May 3, 1989, aged 62, in San Clemente, California. Trans taurus from start to finish!
Way back in the mid-1950s my family over dinner discussed the startling — shocking — courage of Christine Jorgensen to transition at the time. (She was not, however, the first to do so. That was Danish-born Lili Elbe in the 1930s.)
My grandmother Lottie Lee Alexander, who always dressed for Liberace’s TV show and waved at him as he appeared on our black and white 12-inch screen, told me, my mom and dad, that Christine was “just giving outward expression to her unique, innate inner feminine beauty.
“Some people are born to be different in very, very special ways. Christine was one such. Maybe you are, too, sonny boy,” she winked at me knowingly my way. She was early on the mark for me.
By the way, Granny was born on May 13, 1886, in Rome, Georgia. (For what it’s worth: Trump and Pence were born — cusp and lisp — in June.

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