The Rust Belt Market to Host LGBTQ Weddings During Ferndale Pride

LGBTQ couples will have the opportunity to get married during Ferndale Pride on June 1 at The Rust Belt Market, Ferndale's premier wedding venue.
"Ferndale Pride embodies the essence of this community. It's a fun, expressive, safe, and inclusive event that promotes love and support of one another, and that is exactly why we decided to reach out to Julia and offer a full donation of our event space," said Tiffany Best, co-owner of The Rust Belt Market.
"Providing a centrally-located, beautiful room with stylistic options, and ease of planning at very little cost felt right because that's what Ferndale is about. As with all ceremonies we've hosted, we are humbled to be an important part of so many lives and lasting memories. What The Rust Belt team has created and works hard at every day is interesting and inspiring but most importantly, it's about relationships. Our marketplace, our bar, our event space. The connections we form with one another and the community is the heart of our company. If anyone has felt sidelined, forgotten, or has been made to feel less than, we see you, we welcome you, and hope you can join the festivities."
Included during the big day are flowers, desserts, a cash bar, a corsage or boutonniere and an officiant who will meet with LGBTQ couples in advance to plan their one-hour ceremony.
"Eclectic and artsy, The Rust Belt is the perfect backdrop for a wedding in Ferndale," said Julia Music, chair of Ferndale Pride.
"Partnering with The Rust Belt Market allows us to guarantee that weather doesn't prohibit anyone's special day and having a cash bar available makes the space more celebratory than the main stage. The Bests, who own the space, and their events manager, Christiana Cosio, enthusiastically approached us with the idea early into planning. It feels good to have businesses in this city that give back to our community with open arms."
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The Rust Belt Market is located at 22801 Woodward Ave. in Ferndale. For more information, visit