Miss Gay Michigan America Pageant Promises Grand Glam

The Miss Gay Michigan America pageant is returning to the state after a 30-year absence. Though the pageant system is 50 years old this year, there’s [...]

It’s a Very FAFO Mood Online for Traverse City Salon Owner Who Told Trans Clients to Go to Pet Groomer

A small hair salon in quiet Traverse City has been putting Michigan in the news for all the wrong reasons, and the internet has big feelings about the whole [...]

Do We Still Need Gay Bars? This Author’s Book Tackles Why They’re Dying — and Why We Shouldn’t Let Them

When The Woodward caught fire and subsequently closed in 2022, Metro Detroit lost not only a central gathering place for LGBTQ+ residents, but a crucial site of [...]

Openly Gay Mayoral Candidate Mike Klinefelt Wants to Bring Decorum Back to Eastpointe City Council

Mike Klinefelt, candidate for mayor of Eastpointe, stepped off the campaign trail recently to advocate for his community: the LGBTQ+ community. He was [...]

The Supreme Court Ruled in Favor of Anti-LGBTQ+ Website Creator. What Does It Mean for Michigan?

In a very sad ending to Pride Month, the Supreme Court ruled Friday, June 30 in favor of a Colorado web designer who, citing religious objections, refuses to [...]

Internalized Homophobia? Just Not Gay Enough? Why This Downtown Detroit Queer Club Flamed Out So Quickly

Those planning to dance the night away at downtown Detroit’s newest queer bar and nightclub, Flaming Embers, have already missed the [...]

How Grand Rapids Pride Center’s Executive Director Has Led the Organization Out of Pandemic Hardships

Jazz McKinney, executive director of the Grand Rapids Pride Center (GRPC), is leading the non-profit organization into a new era — one focused on a [...]

Corktown Health to Expand Care, Open First Queer-Affirming Non-Profit Dental Clinic in Michigan

Corktown Health, Michigan’s first medical home for the queer community, just announced a new initiative — the Driving Health Equity Campaign — [...]

Nonbinary Detroiter Chef Cooks Up Success at Freya

For Phoebe Zimmerman, the charming, tattoo-covered chef de cuisine at Freya, cooking isn't just about skill — it's about connection, too. Both aspects are [...]

Episcopal Church of the Incarnation Considers Intersectionality, Justice as New Leader Set to Step Up

After serving as pastor of Episcopal Church of the Incarnation for 36 years, Reverend Joe Summers, an outspoken ally of the LGBTQ+ community, is retiring. [...]

This Pansexual Artist Makes Pretty Paraphernalia for Smoking Pot

Weed smoke and queer folk came together at Ferndale Pride this year. The smell of marijuana was in the air, and many local dispensaries handed out goodies and [...]

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