Get Set for a January Vogue: Postponed Madonna Tour Back on Track

There was no lucky star in sight for ticket holders for the Aug. 5 Madonna concert in Detroit when the show was postponed after the singer suffered a health [...]

Michigan AG Dana Nessel Speaks Out Against Anti-Trans Laws in Kentucky, Tennessee

Dana Nessel, Michigan’s brave, bold and ultra out attorney general, recently joined Attorneys General from 20 other states to oppose the horrific [...]

How the Disc Golf Pro Tour Tried to Bar a Trans Woman From Competing and Why They (Sort of) Reversed Course

The sport of disc golf is far more than fancy Frisbee. In two separate divisions of the Disc Golf Pro Tour — female and mixed — players compete for [...]

Despite Right-Wing Backlash, Michigan Is Better Than Ever For Trans People. These Two Women Made That Progress Possible.

When Rachel Crandall Crocker and Susan Crocker met in the ’90s, there were so few organizations for transgender people that they had to start one on their [...]

Planet Ant Couldn’t Let This 23-Year-Old Playwright Get Away

Planet Ant director Darren Shelton didn’t plan to produce a new play this year. Still resetting after Covid shut down the theater and arts center for an [...]

Ann Arbor Pride Prepares for Debut on Main Street, Keeps Spirit of Jim Toy Alive

Ann Arbor Pride, set for Aug. 5 along Main Street, is getting back to its roots as one of the preeminent festivals focused on the local LGBTQ+ community. [...]

Date Officially Set for Season 3 of Detroit’s Own ‘Bargain Block’ on HGTV

A beloved Detroit duo are returning to HGTV in mere weeks!Keith Bynum, star of the network’s “Bargain Block,” announced today via Instagram [...]

Gov. Whitmer Officially Ends State-Sponsored Conversion Therapy for Minors

The outcome of last November’s election continues paying big dividends for progressive voters as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer officially prohibits [...]

What You Need to Know About the Future of Marriage Equality in Michigan

When Miriam and Kendra Saperstein exchanged wedding vows before 100 family members and friends at a synagogue in West Bloomfield on June 11, it wasn’t the [...]

Queer Things to Do: Brunch with Barbie, See a Prom-Themed Musical, Attend a Queer Artist Bazaar

It might feel like the world is nothing but wildfires, angry transphobes and an endless air travel nightmare, but actually, we’re sitting in a sweet spot. [...]

Trans Man in Wheelchair Shot Five Times with Pellet Gun in Pontiac

Andrew Blake-Newton, a trans man, was assaulted and called anti-queer slurs just after midnight on Saturday, July 15 as he made a trip to pick up a few [...]

Hamtramck City Council Removes Two Commission Members for Flying Pride Flag

Hamtramck, that hotbed of homophobia, is back in the news again.The city council, which consists only of six Muslim men, recently removed two members of the [...]

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