Wag'n Tails Pet Resort Knows the Importance of Good Grooming

Wag'n Tails employee Claire. Photo courtesy of Wag'n Tails.

Grooming one's four-legged companion is not a luxury, but a part of care that every pet owner should take seriously. Not only does it make the animal look good, it makes them feel good and helps them stay healthy.
Tom Metevier of Wag'n Tails Pet Resort in Lansing is a Certified Master Groomer with over 20 years in the business. For the past 15 years he's owned the Wag'n Tails Resort, a place where animals can be groomed, boarded, pet sat and socialized in a comfortable, home-like environment.
The end of winter is a great time to get your dog groomed, Metevier said, "Dogs tend to be inside a lot more than out. They pick up dust just like your furniture does. Because their coats grow seasonally the end of winter is best for shampooing and brushing them out, as well as getting them clipped."
Grooming includes "combing and brushing, cutting nails, plucking hair from ears, and parasite control."
The nails are an important part of overall animal health. "You should keep the nails short so they're walking on their pads. If they're walking on their nails it puts pressure on their skeletal system and causes arthritis over time."
Another part of a good grooming is that a professional groomer will look over the animal and tell the owner if there are any signs of fleas or skin problems, or other signs of deteriorating health. They can also give advice if the dog seems to be having problems, such as itchy skin, bad breath or other unusual smells.
The biggest perk of grooming though, Metevier said, is "a happy dog. We like our animals clean and the dogs are happier too. They know when they're fluffy and clean. One of the perks is seeing the client happy and the dog excited with all this energy. It's a passion for us."
Metevier started the Pet Resort because he "knows what pets can do for people," he said. "Having a pet gives us a sense of being wanted, and loved. And that sense of responsibility. It reminds you that you're needed. I love that phrase 'if I can just be the person my dog thinks I am.' That's how a dog or a cat makes you feel, like a good person."
The 12 person staff of Wag'n Tails Pet Resort is ready to help with animal grooming or boarding needs. Their website has Q & A about grooming and other pet-related subjects, as well as information about their services. Learn more at

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