Antiques Offer Upscale Quality At Bargain Prices

It's really exciting to see a piece of repurposed furniture transform into something new and beautiful.
Many homeowners are intimidated by the idea of restoring their old pieces to their former glory and they sell them or donate them. Some are unsure of where to look to buy those unique, vintage items that reflect their personal style and good taste.
But there are people who make it possible to preserve those pieces and create high-end details on a budget. There are also places available to find furniture that has fallen on hard times for those that are looking to customize their own creations or have someone do it for them.
Whether it's a discount store, flea market or reuse center, interesting and historic pieces are waiting for some much-needed TLC.
Open since 2009, The Treasure Trove, an antique and consignment shop in downtown Grosse Pointe, deals in a wide range of ever-changing items. "We have anything from high-end furniture to art, crystal, fine jewelry and collectables," said Tae Cole, store manager. "We find and carry great high-end items for reasonable prices. We always have something for everyone."
The benefit of buying a vintage piece, according to Cole, is that it will out last anything new these days. "Having a vintage piece is very in right now. What's great about our store is that you never know what you'll find, so most of our customers will visit at least once a week just to see what is new."
For those looking to sell their vintage pieces, The Treasure Trove can also help with estate sales and services.
"You want to do it efficiently, effectively and with the highest return possible on your valuables," said Cole. "A garage sale won't get you a fair price. Internet listings are too time consuming and not always trustworthy."
If a professional refinishing job is sought after, Steve Szuba at Old World Refinishing, Ltd. in Farmington said he is happy to guide anyone who is interested in restoring an old piece.
"We do that with every project," he said. Szuba prides himself on being able to offer the finest in furniture refinishing and repair. "Our craftsmen, with decades of experience, perform all their time honored skills by hand."
The store has been in business since 1983, surpassing the quality of work sold at chain furniture stores. "There is very little wood used in the manufacturing of new furniture. Labor and wood is very expensive, so craftsmen who carefully milled and fitted wood furniture by hand have been replaced by overseas companies that build disposable furniture," he said. "Grandma had her dining set all her life and the new furniture is disposable - that is designed to keep you buying new furniture every seven to 10 years, if it lasts that long. We take old furniture that was originally manufactured with care, quality and pride, and make it new again … beautiful, old, vintage furniture to fill your home."
Old World Refinishing, Ltd. does not use pre-mixed stains. According to their website, they custom mix and blend their own colors for each project. They offer upholstery services and will even re-veneer entire table tops.
When asked why he thinks this type of work is so attractive to people, Szuba said, "Craftsmanship, value, and keeping their homes beautiful with quality old real wood furniture. Furniture refinishing is generally a third of the cost of purchasing comparable new furniture, if you can even find it."
So how does one work a vintage piece into their decor at home? "Some folks like to do theme rooms," he said. "A neat retro art deco or Victorian bedroom, a magnificent Duncan Phyfe dining table surrounded by modern upholstered Parson chairs. Heck, antique end tables in a contemporary living room. This isn't the 50's with dos and don'ts. Everything doesn't have to match.
"Who made those rules? Shake off those old rules and come out and express yourself."

Old World Refinishing, Ltd.
32726 W. Eight Mile Road
Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m.-noon

The Treasure Trove
Antiques, Fine Consignments, Estate Sale
16847 Kercheval Ave.
Grosse Pointe
Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.


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