International Victories For Animals In 2013

Animal Defenders International (ADI), based in California, is celebrating a number of successes for animals throughout 2013.

1. Colombia bans wild animals in circuses. In June, some six years after ADI launched its damning undercover investigation of the Latin American circus industry, Colombia followed Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Paraguay with a ban. The campaign was hard fought, with vigorous opposition from Colombia's powerful circus industry and marks an important win for animals. (

2. Europe bans cosmetics tests on animals. The European Union introduced the final stage of the cosmetics ban, which prohibits the marketing and sale of new animal-tested products from March 11, 2013. ADI and its partner organizations have campaigned for the ban for over 30 years. This vital legislation will put pressure on other countries to follow suit. (

3. ADI invited to rescue Peru's circus animals. After successfully securing a ban on wild animals in circuses in Peru, the Government has asked ADI to return and help rescue the animals from the dismal conditions. ADI is preparing and conducting a census of the country's circus animals. This will be ADI's greatest challenge in 2014 and the organization urgently needs public support to rescue the animals.

4. Circus ban in El Salvador. El Salvador has become the latest Latin American country to ban the use of wild animals in circuses, with ADI working with local groups to secure success.

5. "No Fun for Elephants" victories. ADI kicked off 2013 with a new campaign video narrated by Bob Barker, which quickly clocked up victories as five fairs said no to the cruel elephant rides offered by Have Trunks Will Travel and Trunks & Humps. (video-)

6. Lion Ark lifts off! In October, ADI's feature length film documenting the rescue of 25 lions from Bolivian circuses hit the film festival circuit, winning awards, critical acclaim, and the hearts of people who have had their eyes opened to the hidden suffering of circus animals. Lion Ark offers an enjoyable, uplifting and accessible look at the issues faced by circus animals. Watch out for Lion Ark in 2014! (

7. 1000s of owl monkeys saved from experiments. This month it was formally announced that the capture of owl monkeys in the Amazon would no longer be permitted. ADI undercover investigators exposed the night-time trapping of the terrified monkeys as they were torn from the trees.

8. British circus ban moves forward. The legislation for the long promised ban on wild animals in British circuses was finally tabled. But there was another battle as a committee tried to radically reduce the scope of the new law. ADI fought off the attempt and the full ban on wild animals will be put before Parliament. (

9. Baby elephant Lily saved from a life of misery. ADI hit the media nationally across the US, when it learned that notorious trainer Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT) – exposed by an ADI investigation – had a claim on newborn elephant Lily at Oregon Zoo. As a result, the zoo purchased both Lily and her father (owned by HTWT) and tore up the agreement.(

10. Plans for beagle farm defeated. Previously defeated plans for a laboratory beagle factory farm in the UK were re-submitted. ADI's UK partner organization led the campaign to halt the plans, leading to a national outcry and the plans were denied again! (