B. Ella Bridal Shares 2018's Trends


Dominique and Zvezda are two of the friendly bridal consultants at B. Ella Bridal.

Trying to figure out what to wear for the wedding? B. Ella Bridal, located at 570 S. Main Street in Plymouth, is in the business to serve up your dream wedding attire, and for all the right reasons. B. Ella is a full service bridal shop that offers not only bridal gowns, but also bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride/groom gowns, prom dresses, full accessories and alterations services. B. Ella just celebrated its 14th year in business, and owner Brittany Blase had some insight on what's trending this season.
"There's a wide range of things, everything from high end designers showing pants, tunics, tuxedos – just pant ensembles in general – which is fairly revolutionary in our business," she said.
Blase also said lace and tulle ball gowns remain a hot item, while layering is pretty popular again this year, as well as deep v-neck dresses and sleeves. Surprisingly, she says brides are shying further away from strapless gowns this season. Looking for something custom? B. Ella can certainly help facilitate the process for you, but they don't do customs on site. Curious of what B. Ella's price range is like? Blase said they can place you at nearly any price point with gowns anywhere from $750 up to $7,000.
Deciding what you'll wear on the big day can be overwhelming, but Blase suggests starting with the internet. Check out social media accounts, websites, and Pinterest to see what's new and exciting to wear down the aisle.
Blase said the next best thing to do is to try things on. She also suggests giving yourself enough time when it comes to gown shopping – just in case. Blase said "in a modern world, the ordering process is still pretty archaeic where it can take six to nine months to get a bridal gown, and eight to 12 weeks to get a bridesmaids dress."
Blase and her staff have rave reviews online and with the process, there's no question why, she said. "My consultants and I really try to take a friendly, informative approach. We don't want to freak you out, or discourage you – we want to facilitate the look that you want in whatever way we possibly can, even if we don't have it. Even if we're not making the sale, it's really important to us to help people along the path getting the wedding gown that you want."
When Blase was asked about the importance of being inclusive to all couples, she said "I might be a little bit more of a human than a business person, things like that don't really even enter my mind. It really doesn't matter to us, it's really none of our business why you're doing what you're doing, we just want to help you facilitate your vision and have a good time, and I think everyone deserves that."
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