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  • Sabra and Nada Djomehri

Lesbian-Owned Ann Arbor Real Estate Investment Company Blends Tech With Tradition

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Though real estate can make for a great investment, it’s not always easy to start building a robust portfolio. Like many other real estate investment firms, Jeddo Corp seeks to help clients develop one, however, its methodology is unique: artificial intelligence. A wife and wife team based out of both Ann Arbor and the San Francisco Bay Area, Nada and Sabra Djomehri saw an opportunity for their business to blend both of their specialties.
“It came about when I became a licensed real estate practitioner in the area. So, after a year, Sabra, witnessing what we were doing — she comes from a heavily influenced tech background coming from the Silicon Valley area in California — looked at ways we could combine our mutual interests in real estate, combining them with tech, since that is something that the real estate landscape is embarking on as of late, especially,” Nada Djomehri said.
“I’m currently developing software. It’s an AI platform that uses machine learning in my sphere already. I’m hoping to implement that in real estate by taking the client’s data for each different real estate investment and then taking this data and seeing what worked and what didn’t and all the data points about their entire real estate project and then tailoring it toward future projects to enhance the efficiency of their overall goals to optimize their portfolio,” Sabra Djomehri said.
She added that she first got the idea to blend her work with her wife’s when she joined the bioinformatics team at the University of Michigan.
“[I had] been exploring on the tech side some artificial intelligence platforms that we were using for cancer research and that’s how I was thinking how to implement that into the real estate side,” she said.
Nada Djomehri said that when completed, the program will function similarly to a site like Redfin or Zillow — sites that allow users to compare prices and estimates to meet their needs, among other features — but with a more customized twist.
“It’s like an all-in-one platform where if you take data from each, for example, financing information connected with the real estate aspect, also about the specific property, and you can also implement their specific needs and target their growth throughout a specific amount of time,” Sabra Djomehri said. “And it can put this all together in one software algorithm and come up with the best strategy personalized for them. And AI platforms, they’re very much in their infancy, even in our biological, biology/pathology realm. And in real estate it’s not used that much either, so we’re really hoping to implement those in the coming year.”
Also a member of the National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals, Nada Djomehri said that beyond gearing Jeddo Corp to be a technologically innovative company, she’s interested in making the process of finding a home more inclusive.
“We’re all about including and supporting all in their pursuits as homeowners — that’s one thing,” she said. “Another thing is that real estate has been fairly dominated by males so as women we’re pioneering this platform going forward. We’d like other women who may have not felt so comfortable previously about investing in real estate and we’d really like to empower women with this.”
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