Pride Source is 'going to the dogs'

LIVONIA – Fetchfinders is a new online and print "Yellow Pages" with everything you could ever want or need for your pet – or pets. Whether you have cats, dogs, birds, iguanas, alpacas, fish, reptiles, horses, rabbits or rodents – whatever! – Fetchfinders has the complete listing of service providers and resources in your area.
Ever need to find a vet? How about a safe and clean boarding facility for your cat and dog? Do you need a sitter to come into your home while you're at work or out of town? Where will you find that perfect kitten for your niece? Which shelters are "no kill" in Michigan and how can you support them? What restaurants welcome pets, and where can I stay overnight with my Rottweiller? Is there someone out there that can help train my dog to not eat my favorite chair?
Have any of these questions kept you up at night? Fetchfinders is coming to help you solve all problems and answer all questions related to providing the best for your pet and your family. will be launched online March 1, and the first print edition is due to be released this summer. This is the first publication of its kind in Michigan, and the publishers are planning to expand with regional editions into the mid and western parts of the state.
Fetchfinders is a publication of Pride Source Media Group, publishers of the Pride Source Yellow Pages and Between The Lines. With over 17 years experience in creating professionally produced directories and Web sites, Pride Source is uniquely qualified to create this new product for pet owners.
Publishers Susan Horowitz and Jan Stevenson and their many furry, feathered and finned friends are committed to serving Michigan's pets and their owners.
"We love our pets, we love our state, and our dedicated staff has a collective goal to find a loving, happy and healthy home for every animal," said Horowitz. "That's why Fetchfinders lists all the shelters and adoption facilities, and why we are working closely with these organizations to inspire people to adopt and love the many animals that still need a good home."
The free print edition of Fetchfinders, coming this summer, will be distributed to shelters, vets, pet shops and any other location pet owners frequent. To learn more about Fetchfinders, call 734-293-7200 ext. 22 or e-mail [email protected].

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