Sounding the Alarm: The Transgender Community Is Red Meat for Republicans In This Election

I often feel that I am too alarmist. I have spent decades now, deep in the issue of anti-transgender violence and murder, and I know that colors my views. It is [...]

Gov. Whitmer, Please Break Your Silence on Rising Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate in Michigan. Love, the Pride Source Editorial Board 

Silence leaves much to interpretation.The cavern between full-throated support for Michigan’s LGBTQ+ community from a few, mostly queer candidates running [...]

Hate Democracy and Yourself? Vote Republican.

If you’ve been driving around Michigan lately you might have seen some crazy billboards and signs claiming that kids are going to get gender reassignment [...]

Letter to the Editor: Laws Protecting LGBTQ+ Students Guide Mental Health Providers, But Support Is Key

Dear Editor,As mental health providers who practice in both clinical and school-based settings, we wanted to further elaborate on a recent op-ed relating to [...]

My Teachers Tried to Make Me Straight. It Didn't Work.

Hello to everyone except for Florida, a state that never tires of finding new ways to ostracize LGBTQ+ students, teachers, and other Floridians.October is [...]

Don’t Mess With Texas Because Texas Is Busy Messing With You

In the United States, everybody knows that you don’t mess with Texas. That’s because you don’t have to. Texas will undoubtedly mess with [...]

Op-Ed: Not Outing Kids to Their Parents Is in Best Interest of LGBTQ+ Students

Editor’s Note: Recently, Tudor Dixon and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer weighed in on Michigan Department of Education (MDE) training that touches on parental [...]

Mean Girl Tudor Dixon Campaigns on the Backs of Trans Kids

Midterm elections are upon us, my friends. People in Michigan already have ballots in hand. In fact, mine just came today. I can’t wait to vote for [...]

Op-Ed: Michigan GOP Co-Chair Maddock Should Resign For Her Homophobic Comments Against Pete Buttigieg

Last month, Michigan GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock targeted U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg with a homophobic tweet, calling him a “weak [...]

U.S. Radical Right Totally Jelly Of Iran’s Morality Police

In Iran, Islamic religious police detained Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman, for wearing her hijab too loosely. Reports say that some of her hair was visible. [...]

A Baby: Gift from God or Punishment From Hell? That Depends on You, Slut. 

In the assault on reproductive freedom in the United States, there’s one thing I can’t really wrap my brain around. According to the people who [...]

Double, Double Toil And Trouble: Radical Right Claims Words Are Black Magic Mind Control

Words. What are they? Are they simply a collection of letters arranged in a particular way to symbolize places, things, ideas, feelings, people and the like so [...]