On Choosing to Not Choose a 'Chosen Family'

Choosy moms select something. I forget what, if I ever knew, but they choose and that's the American way. We choose our political representatives, or at least [...]

Buttigieg Threatens to Invite Speaker Johnson Over to Watch the Buttigiegs Be a Loving Family

Once upon a time there was a very, very, very boring day in a very, very, very boring world full of very, very, very boring people. And it was absolutely the [...]

Mike Johnson Was Homophobic Bigot, Is Now Homophobic Bigot Third in Line to the Presidency

I’m writing this on Halloween, so here’s a scary story: The United States of America has a new Speaker of the House! And boy does he hate gay [...]

Why Do All My GOP State Reps Support the Trans/Gay Panic Defense?

Before I write about the trans/gay panic defense and how U.S. states are gradually passing laws against its use in court, and before I write about how [...]

Florida Man Joe Harding Says ‘Don’t Be Gay, Do Crimes’

File under "Bad Things Happening To Bad People." The author of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Joe Harding, has been charged with [...]

Stomping Spots: Queer Feelings for a Bad Bug Heading to Michigan

I’m not even supposed to be here, according to a wide swath of American voters. I should be violently changed or destroyed, according to them.

Who Needs Horror Movies? Jim Jordan Could Be a Couple Heartbeats Away From the Presidency

Round and round and round they go, will Republicans choose a House speaker? Who the hell knows!

Wisconsin Gov. Says 'Nope' to Republican Gender-Affirming Care Ban Attempt

I am gutted by the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians right now. I’m no foreign policy expert, but I do know that nothing good can come from one [...]

Amid Unspeakable Violence in Israel, Silence Isn't An Option

Most mornings, we wake from our dreams. But on Oct. 7, Israelis and all who support them awoke to a nightmare.

10 Myths About LGBTQ+ Families

Debunking those nagging stereotypes once and for all.

How My Older Sisters Equipped Me for Adulthood (and a Great Sex Life)

While my sisters were out living their seemingly grown-up lives, I played their records and wore their clothes without permission. Old enough to date, they had [...]

Ramaswamy and Pence Get Naked on Debate Stage (About How Much They Hate Trans People)

I care about my well-being. And so I did not watch the second GOP presidential debate (or the first one). But because I only care about my well-being so much, I [...]

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