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Michigan The Accidental Activists Of Ann Arbor's Homoplex

ANN ARBOR - "First you have to ask, what is the Braun Court Community?" Keith Orr says. Nearly thirty years ago, the area had an ethnic restaurant identity with Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mexican and Japanese cuisine filling the court with scents of curry and wasabi. Now, Braun Court, located directly across the street from Kerrytown and the Farmer's Market in Ann Arbor, is the center of what Orr describes as a "Gayborhood" and is home to the Jim Toy Community Center (JTCC), Trillium Real Estate, Shout, autBar and Common Language Bookstore. READ MORE.

Home Bradlys: Home Decor & More

Sometimes, it's just the threat of change that makes great ideas come to life. For Bradly Rakowski, owner of Bradly's Home and Garden in Lansing, the constant threat of a layoff made him take the leap into becoming his own boss. READ MORE.

Pride Source Votes Schauer Says LGBTs Valued, Needed In His Administration

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and running mate Lisa Brown sat down with BTL publishers Jan Stevenson and Susan Horowitz prior to the Michigan Democratic Convention for a wide-ranging conversation about their campaign, what a SchauerBrown administration would be like for the LGBT community and who would be included. They addressed LGBT civil rights, health issues, senior care, marriage equality and how both of them have come to be such vocal allies of the LGBT community. Here is a recap of Schauer's words on these concerns. READ MORE.

Opinion Columns
'Known Homosexuals' I Love

A picture of the late Barbara Gittings has been in my collection of top five favorite photos for decades. You can find a snap of it in this issue of BTL on page 14 - it still brings tears to my eyes when I look at it. Gittings and several dozen pioneers of the modern U.S. LGBT civil rights movement - including John James in the same story - bravely took to the streets to demonstrate four years before Stonewall took place. They did so in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, some willing to be 'known homosexuals'. READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Peter LaBarbera

Gay people. They're just like Nazis, amirite? What with their Pride parades and their drag queens and their wanting to get married and their Broadway musicals and their rainbow stickers plastered across their Subaru bumpers. I mean if that doesn't say, "Heil Hitler," I don't know what does! At least that's what Peter LaBarbera of Americans For "Truth" About Homosexuality thinks. READ MORE.

Parting Glances: Were You Ever 'Known'?

Just a few generations ago, the term homosexual was often qualified by adjectives. Alleged. Avowed. Rumored. Known! The descriptions were used by cautious media, police enforcement agencies and courtroom attorneys. READ MORE.

National Revisiting Annual Reminders, Nearly 50 years Later

On July 4, 1965, John James traveled to Philadelphia to march among a group of gay and lesbian demonstrators calling for liberty for LGBT people. Nearly 50 years later, James is again surrounded by LGBT people in the City of Brotherly Love -- this time in a very changed world. READ MORE.

National 'I'm Gay. Get Over It,' Says State Senator

URL CNN http:www.cnn.com20140924uspennsylvania-lawmaker-comes-outindex.html?hpt=hpt2 reports that Sen. Jim Ferlo of Pittsburgh casually came out this week in URL Pennsylvania http:www.pridesource.comarticle.html?article=65737. Ferlo, who will be leaving the state Senate in November, was meeting with other lawmakers on Sept. 23 in Harrisburg, Penn. to discuss a major change to the state's hate crime law. Ferlo was sponsoring the bill to extend protections to those who are LGBT. READ MORE.

National The Financial Penalty Of Being LGBT In America

The MAP released a promo-video today that discusses the financial burdens placed on a LGBT couple. The video explains how national, state and local laws contribute to significantly higher rates of poverty among LGBT Americans and create unfair financial penalties in the form of higher taxes, reduced wages and Social Security income as well as increased healthcare costs and much more. READ MORE.

Political Hors D'oeuvres GOP National Committeeman Calls Islam 'Biggest Threat to the World Today'

Republican National Committeeman and former state lawmaker, Dave Agema, is at it again. This time, he has declared in a public Facebook post that Islam is "the biggest threat to the world today." The post was made shortly before 8:45 a.m. on Sept. 22 on Agema's "politician" wall. READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
Low-Income State Residents Will Have Coverage For PrEP

"This is literally a drug that you can take to reduce your risk of contracting HIV. Why isn't this available to everyone, everywhere?" - Katelyn Tonge, an Albion College student leader

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