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Michigan Same-Sex Marriage Goes To The Supreme Court

WASHINGTON D.C. - The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has granted review of four petitions from each state from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals requesting the court to decide if same-sex marriage is recognized and protected under the U.S Constitution. READ MORE.

The Movement, Martin And Marriage

Movement is about change. Sometimes the causes change, the tactics change -- even the leadership changes -- but the constant in all of our movements is our quest to become more human: to change our communities and our societies to treat all of humanity fairly, justly and equally. READ MORE.

Out Of Touch

I doubt she'd be the one to admit it, but my mother enjoys celebrity gossip. When I was growing up, it was quite common to see her toss a tabloid in the shopping cart so she could keep up with the latest rumors. READ MORE.

C.B. Embry Jr.

I don't like public restrooms. There's just something really, well, icky about sharing a space with strangers where everybody does their grossest business. I don't want to hear the woman in the next stall evacuate her gaseous bowels or have random children poke their heads under the door while I'm trying to pee. READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
Study Finds Significant Racial Disparities For HIV Infection Among Black And White MSM

A study published in the journal The Lancet HIV reports that there is a significant disparity in HIV prevalence between black and white men who have sex with men. The study was published on Nov. 18 and found a startling 32 percent prevalence rate for black men who have sex with men, compared with only eight percent for white men who have sex with men.

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