Slip of the Tongue


1 Murdoch with a flower?

7 Overhand strokes, for Mauresmo

14 "Cape Fear" star

15 Sultry Dietrich

16 Start of a quip

18 Halloween mo.

19 Series ender

20 French river

21 Mistake for Paul Taylor

23 Lubricates

25 Hammerhead part

26 Flies like an eagle

28 Shakespearean king

30 Hearst's kidnappers (abbr.)

31 What you do after you drop the soap in the shower

33 Former Queens stadium name

35 More of the quip

39 Wine list datum

40 Swiss capital

41 IBM products

44 Potential partners for Adam and Steve?

46 Puccini opera

48 Jungle warning

50 Historic Stonewall event

52 Tide type

53 Rosie's favorite dolls

55 McAn of shoewear

57 Beverage suffix

58 End of the quip

61 Gay parent, often

62 "Have a piece!"

63 Abductors' demands

64 Sachet emanations


1 Real jerk-offs

2 Agency that asks donors if they have AIDS

3 New member

4 Sex Pistols singer Vicious

5 Flying fisher

6 ___ voce (softly)

7 Most likely to exagerate stats?

8 Poet Sarton

9 Rock Hudson's "A Farewell to ___"

10 Single-master

11 Greek messenger of the gods

12 Hard stuff in your mouth

13 One-named Tejano singer

17 Travel with your first mate

22 Official substitute

24 Madras title

27 One who scatters seed

29 Odometer button

32 Liz, whose debut album was "Exile in Guyville"

34 Composer Copland

36 Strike settlers, sometimes

37 When fruits are ready to be eaten

38 Hedonistic

41 Like the beginning of "Gone with the Wind"

42 Fruity mixed drink

43 Haircut victim

45 Gay nightlife district of London

47 High points

49 Easy wins

51 Civil wrongs

54 Hernando de ___

56 Fashion designer Jacobs

59 "The One I Love" band

60 Tough cleaner

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