I Voted


1 "I Love Rock 'N Roll" singer Joan

5 Kinnear of "As Good As It Gets"

9 Pockets stuffed with meat

14 Currency on the Continent

15 Composition of some beds

16 DeBeque in "South Pacific"

17 Hose trouble

18 Jazz singer Anita

19 Muscle Mary's pride

20 Women placed "I voted" stickers on her headstone

23 First person in Berlin

24 Above, to Byron

25 Sex-toy batteries

26 Three for Sophia

29 Charles Atlas development areas

31 Bug with two homonyms

32 "See you later"

33 They may be kissed or kicked

34 In the public eye

35 Dave Pallone and others

36 City where 20-Across is buried

39 "Billy Elliot" epithet

42 Stow, as cargo

43 Stonewall disturbances

47 Interjects

48 Green-lights

49 Like foamy heads in a gay bar

50 White or rose alternative

51 Eroded, with "away"

52 Brown's Sneaky ___

53 Word on either towel, perhaps

54 This enacted the right to vote for women

58 Comes to an end

60 Singer k.d.

61 Sommer of film

62 Nephew of Donald Duck

63 ___ homo

64 Astringent

65 Prudential rival

66 Will of "The Waltons"

67 Partners of bottoms


1 "Guiding Light" actress Leccia

2 Castratos, e.g.

3 Spreads gossip about

4 It covered Caesar's Johnson

5 Big balls

6 Trooper's device

7 Wolfson of Freedom to Marry

8 Writer with a family name?

9 Colombian coins

10 Hacker's cry

11 Poorly endowed Dickens character?

12 Malt drink

13 Work under Edith Head, perhaps

21 Response to an error in "Do Re Mi"?

22 Regular hangout

27 Genre for Eazy-E

28 Shooter in Bruce Weber's field

30 Workers at the bottom

31 Satellite broadcasts

32 Queer souvenir

34 "Move your ass!"

37 Dressmaker's need

38 Goofed up

39 Four to Sheehan, usually

40 Dedicated poem

41 Only thing that doesn't fit in

44 Tragic Shakespearean character

45 Conceive, non-heterosexually

46 Methods for counting queens and other cards

49 Rub the right way

51 Cruising, maybe

52 Homophobe veep-elect

55 Back-row bowling target

56 Spice made from nutmeg

57 Type of market, to the sexually insensitive

58 Patty Hearst's former org.

59 Foot fetish digit

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