The Great Depression


1 Where the Dutch girl stuck her finger?

5 Sequence for Bernstein

10 Stone of "Easy A"

14 Party to

15 Sheryl Swoopes, for one

16 Small vessel

17 Like characters in "Kinky Boots"

18 What Garbo "vanted" to be

19 Business letter abbr.

20 Start of the translation of a political slogan

23 Albert to Armand, in "The Birdcage"

24 "Are you calling me ___?"

25 Captain Jack Sparrow, e.g.

27 "A Girl Thing" director

30 Pink fruit

31 Wild and crazy

35 Gin type

36 End of the translation

40 Irene of "Fame"

41 Bust to private, e.g.

42 Water molecule threesome

44 Lost an erection, with "out"?

49 One whose mother is a bitch

53 "Love Affair" costar Dunne

54 Psychic Geller

55 Source of the original slogan

58 Make more potent

60 Like Christopher Rice's stories

61 "Take a crack ___"

62 Series terminal

63 Like a rambling sentence

64 Amsterdam's land (abbr.)

65 He shot a fruit on his son's hea

66 Gyrates

67 They don't hang out in gay bars


1 Bottom-of-the-barrel

2 Prepare to blow

3 "77 Sunset Strip" character

4 Curry favor

5 Play for a sucker

6 Auto racer Yarborough

7 Socrates' market

8 Pinko's hero

9 With blood rushing to the head

10 She had no heterosexual parents

11 "Cabaret" singer

12 Oral stimulator that tastes like nuts

13 What Heather says to her mommies after a meal

21 Emanation from Feniger's kitchen

22 Order before shooting off?

26 "Nowhere Man" opening

28 Came out with

29 Beat, but barely

32 Academic dept. head

33 Straddling

34 "A bit of ___?" "I drink it all day"

36 Over do the golden shower?

37 Like some exotic fruit

38 Drivers get off on it

39 Response after a Cho joke, perhaps

40 "Romeo and Juliet" clan

43 "Providence" lead role

45 Senate page's chore

46 News agency founder

47 Ill will

48 Bottommost areas

50 The active crowd

51 A stroke ahead, for Sheehan

52 "With parsley"

56 Heart donor for King Richard?

57 Lairs of bears

59 Wing for Philip Johnson

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